• Dear Ben Brown
    There is very little to no evidence that supports your claim. You said, “resisting arrest is not a crime” bur resisting arrest is a crime. There is no evidence to suggest that Micheal Brown put his hands up before he was shot, and the phrase “hands up don’t shot” is generally consider that be a lie. Which is the title of your article.

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    I am intrigued by, your essay because you are very knowledge about the topic most people that are for gun control are not very educated about firearms. Making guns harder to get will not fix 62% of the gun deaths in the US because those deaths are suicides. Not everyone can just walk in and get a gun like you said 19.8 million people can not get…[Read more]

  • Taking guns away in the US is a illogical idea. You say 90 people die a day from guns 62% of that are suicide and even less than that are crimes. Many shootings in the US are justified from people protecting their life’s and there family’s life. Police officers putting there life on the line everyday to protect you use a gun as a tool and them…[Read more]

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