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    This research focuses on brand addiction. With the use of my research, I attempt to answer why people are addicted to brands. After attempting to answer what brand addiction is, my

    • This is a really cool topic! I’m interested to know whether brand addiction is similar to the way people get addicted to other every day commodities. Do the advertisers actively try to get people addicted to their brands? How far does/should advertising go?

    • Very cool to see your project develop and the finished piece. I think you did this topic justice. It is a crazy phenomenon that people can be so mental about a logo. I’m happy to see someone else that recognizes brand addiction is real. I think for now I will stick with my wranglers and carhartt. By the way, did you see that sick new supreme drop?

    • This is a really cool topic to do a research paper on. It was fun watching you develop it during days if hard work in class. I knew that people were abscessed with brands but I never knew why; this essay helped answer this question. Great writing, keep on doing great things.

    • Hey Ben!
      I really like that you’ve chosen this topic since it is so applicable to many modern situations. Adding onto Mary’s question, what makes a brand addictive? What makes Tiffany’s different from Kay Jewelers?

    • Ben,
      I think the topic you have chosen is very relatable. I am also interested in the reason behind our “brand addiction”.

    • Ben, I think your topic sounds very interesting. I would love to know more about the economic side of the brands. I also like how relatable this topic is in daily life.

    • The topic you chose is very interesting, and something I never thought. However it’s apparent through your research that in today’s society the brand we wear can affect our self worth, and our economy. Great job !

    • I know I personally have experienced brand addiction especially with my phone because I refuse to get anything other than apple. I think this topic is interesting because it is something we have all experienced whether we are aware of it or not.

    • Very cool! I think it is interesting how you connect economic patterns to human psychology through this unique topic. For the future I also think it would be interesting to see the nature of brand addiction in the United States versus other countries and how those patterns are related to consumeristic cultures.

    • This is so relevant nowadays with how popular brands like supreme are. I think it’s so interesting that people have the desire to have all the limited edition stuff even if it’s not quality. Sounds like a great essay!

    • This is a very interesting topic! It applies to a lot of us, because we are constantly being advertised to. I also like how you used a very specific brand to use as an example. I really liked the paper! Great job!

    • This post truly is SUPREME! This is such an interesting topic and I have always wondered the same things. For example, I wanted to buy a Flip video camera back in the day but it was $50 more than the Kodak version which offered the exact same features. It’s weird. It’s like your paying the extra $50 for the name brand version. I am going to have to read to paper to find out why!

    • Owning the product of a popular brand can make one feel cool and at the top. Look a iphones for one.

    • I think this is a very interesting topic. Brand addiction is something that seems so subtle to many people. What i think is interesting is the amount of thought that goes into the ads to addict people to their product.

    • Very cool topic Ben! It’s very modern and such a relatable topic for the youth in our society. I really enjoyed watching you create this piece, very good read.

  • We cannot have life without our Oceans, if we don’t take care of our oceans then we are not taking care of ourselves! This article/post is a great reminder.

  • Ben commented on the post, Maze Runner Book 3 years, 3 months ago

    This is one of my favorite book series! Who is your favorite character? Have you finished the book yet? What was your overall impression?

  • As I continue the research process the Pioneer database has allowed me to learn more about my topic. One of the main ideas I seem to come across is the science behind social proof. An article I found defines

    • Nice job Ben. I agree with your statement that people will buy brand name products regardless of the price. Hierarchical diffusion has been a long time method of spreading products and what not. So if ‘cool’ people wear certain brands, resulting in that brand being ‘cool’, then if ‘uncool’ people wear it, is that brand still ‘cool’?

    • I think that it is interesting that often times this is sort of an inward process, most people will not be able to tell the cost or even the brand of most clothing, so it seems weird that we would care so much about the brand. I think the point you brought up about people thinking that branded clothing has more quality is one that I often fall into.

    • Thanks for your article! I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I believe what you write, as I really agree!

    • Dear ben:
      I am intrested with your post, “Brand Addiction” because it shows how much brand name matters. Brand name plays a big part of the products we buy. One sentence that your wrote that stands out for me is “being mentioned in the media is extraordinarily effective.” I think this is sad because it shows how many people use social media. Another sentence that I liked was “we all find brands extremely attractive, wether if is because they make us feel wealthier, or more self-confident.” This stood out because it shows how much self-condifence people lack and look to brands for more confidence. One time I was in a store and saw two shirts by two different brands but went with the more popular brand. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you helped me better understand how much people care about brand name.

    • Dear Ben,
      I agree with you that teens today are heavily influenced by brand that they see advertised by celebrities, or worn by other people their age. “People see famous people wearing the product on social media and automatically feel a need to wear Supreme.” As I agree with this, I also disagree because, some people wear the brand because they genuinely like it and the way it looks. For example, some people wear things before it’s popping and everybody else wants to cop it. It all really depends on the person because, I have seen some people who wear brands just to look cool, even if they don’t really like it. I have also seen other people who wear brands because they personally like it, not because of other people.

    • wow! this is amazing 🙂 and so true. Its crazy how people will spend hundreds of dollars to buy a brand. Brands influence fame, popularity and wealth and is very important to many people for their self image. I think your topic is really interesting!

  • I think Alex and Cy (of course) bring up a great point. The no huddle offense is really starting to become very common. Most defenses cannot keep up simply because they are too fast. Maybe in the near future the no huddle will become a thing for all offenses. However, then would defenses have to adapt? or would a new offense be created so a…[Read more]

  • This is a very interesting movement. Not only does it send of a great message, but it is a great eye opener. Obviously, immigrants have huge impact in the United States, but I don’t think people realize how big of an impact they make. This movement really shows the power of immigrants and how great they are for our country. Great article!

  • A lot of times people think that social media is a distraction, but this is an interesting way to think about it. Great work champ:)

  • I think this is a really interesting topic, especially for you because you are a baseball player. It’s crazy how so many are able to get away with the tests. Do you think players should be allowed? If so many people are getting away with it then why is it so illegal in the first place?

  • For my topic, using the Gale researcher was slightly difficult to find the articles I needed. However, I was able to find two where I was able to find some great information. For example, one article I found

    • Wow Ben this is such a cool topic!! I feel like not many people actually pay attention to the pull brands have on customers. You got this bud, i believe in you, this paper will be fire

    • Beautifully said, Ben. I like how you are truly looking into the psychology of your everyday hype beast. It is going to be interesting to find out the true intentions behind these brands; Is it art, or money? Good luck man.

    • I agree with what Seiji and Jack said! I think this topic will do you well but I also feel it will be challenging at times. Your topic is super interesting and I find it really intriguing to see our generation/ Society go crazy for some brands. Im excited to see the completed piece.

    • This is a great topic and how people chase after brands is great to research and I can’t wait to see what you find out about people and their brand addiction.

  • For my research project I decided to do it about brands. It has come to my attention that most people will buy an item, regardless of the price, simply because of the brand. Since so many people will spend

  • I think your research is really interesting. It’s amazing how basketball has changed and you are write. It seems everyone is trying to make a three pointer instead of a basic shot.

  • I think everything happens for a reason and it’s strange how they happen whether good or bad. Whether it’s embarrassing or awesome I think there’s always something we can take from each situation and learn from it.

  • I agree. Racism is a big deal and makes me feel sad. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed world wide.

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    This is really cool! I love to learn more about my sleep? How often do you sleep per night? Would you say you have good sleeping habits?

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    I have gone to school at both public and private schools. At the public school I attended I was able to wear whatever I want and express myself in whatever way I wanted to. Currently I wear a uniform everyday. In all honesty I don’t mind it at all. It’s nice knowing what I am going to wear everyday and it’s nice not having to worry about picking…[Read more]

  • I really like this poem, I think it’s so interesting how small we are. It’s crazy to think how many galaxies there are and how small we really are. It might make things hard for us to determine what our purpose in life is (because of how small we are), but I guess that’s why it’s worth it

  • Everyone is afraid of something other then themselves, but I feel like at the same time everyone is afraid of themselves. This was really interesting to read and made me think a lot about what I am afraid of!

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    This sounds like an interesting story and an interesting book! I will have to check it out sometime!

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    I think it’s interesting what you found. I personally think that Guns are why there is so much violence in the world. So in a topic like this I support Hillary when she says “I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets…”. Without guns I feel like there would be a large decrease in the amount of deaths in the worlds. It may even stop…[Read more]


    I personally think that National Parks make the United States better. In the world today there is little amount of natural land, because people are always building and expanding. Natural Parks keep the sense

    • Ben, this is a great article. The national parks are a great asset in the United States and many people undermine the problems they are facing. It doesn’t occur to many that sometime in the future there may be no national parks. I think it’s great that you addressed the issues they are facing and went into a good explanation of the cons. I think to improve this paper and inform the reader better i would include the pros. Yes, you address the cons but I also think there could have been more information on the pros. Great article regardless.

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