• Racism is an issue that is commonly argued about in the U.S. Racism according to Audrey Smedley is, “any action, practice, or belief that reflects the racial worldview-the ideology that humans may be divided i

    • Estimado Benjamin;.

      Estoy emocionado y contento por leer su lectura, su publicación el Racismo es porque dices toda la verdad que está pasando en nuestro entorno. Cada día vivimos más el racismo
      Gente ignorando o humillando a gente de color, gente rechazando a otros por no tener cualidades tales como de ellos. Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es
      “cualquier acción, práctica o creencia que reflejen la cosmovisión racial: la ideología de que los humanos pueden dividirse en entidades biológicas separadas y exclusivas llamadas” razas ” . creo que esto a influido en todos los países donde el racismo se vive dia a dia por que segun las estadisticas E.U es el país donde más ocurre el racismo, el racismo es algo que puede traer problemas o tragedias.
      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación porque quisiera saber mas sobre el racismo

    • Benjamin,
      I love how you tie literature in this writing! Especially since the book you read brings light to racism towards Native Americans. That is a situation that gets less attention than other forms of racism. You could b a bit more in-depth with some of your points, though. Great work other than that!

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  • Brendon, I found this article very interesting. I like how you tied in two books from the author Sherman Alexie, I’ve read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and it ties into this topic very well. I think you could have added on and said that this book also shows racial equality.

  • Being American means different things to different people. Being American to me means having freedom, equality of genders and race, and living your American Dream. I believe the Bill of Rights shows the basic

    • Ben, overall I really enjoy your essay. I like how you included the Bill of Rights and more specifically the first amendment. One critique that I have is you may want to stay away from using statements like “I believe”, “I think”, etc. Besides that this essay was well written. I think you could’ve included The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian in your essay as a third source that could’ve made your argument tighter. That novel includes a lot of content about prejudice and equality which may have benefitted you. I also agree with your opening sentence “Being American means different things to different people.” I wrote something similar in my response and I also believe that that is a very important part of being an American.

    • Ben, I enjoyed reading your Article. Mine is similar to yours in the Freedoms respect. I agree that our first amendment is our most important being able to say and express what we feel without being penalized for it. I also agree that something that defines America would be that we work to be successful and have what we want. We don’t just get the money we earn the money. I believe another important factor to being American is our patriotism. We have gone through a lot over the years and we fought to be independent and to have the rights discussed above, so being proud to be American is another factor that stands out in every area. For example, in almost every sports and other events it starts with the national anthem. Everybody pays respect to the flag and sings the lyrics with such pride. For me personally I have heard the national anthem more times than I can count and it still gives me chills to this day. I believe the songs describes America’s fight and how we have overcome issues to be where we are today. Anyway, thank you for your time!

  • Rolando,
    I Found your post very interesting. I was wondering what were some examples of your favorite old cars? I have seen that book, but haven’t read it. Do you recommend it to friends? I was really drawn to your post by the amazing image of the old car.

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    Vané, I do love hip hop too and I do believe there is more to it than just people trying to flex. Some songs and lyrics are really moving and keep people heads up.

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