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The Impact of Social Media on Boys

“According to a 2015 Pew Research study, 92% of teens reported going online daily. We now live in a world where the miles between us easily disappear as friends chat, share pictures, and message one another online.This access means young people can create connections, but they may also have to contend with some pretty negative things, from cyberbullying to body […]

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How Social Media Impacts Beauty Standards for Boys and Girls

Social media has increased in popularity ever since the idea of smart phonesand tablets started to appear for sale; there are various types of “Social apps”, where millions of people can create their own profile and communicate witheach other. While one may think social media only consists of contacting friends and sharingmemories, the use of social has started to become the complete opposite of itspurpose. With social media being apart of their lives the majority of the time, theyexperience the images and other posts, which reflect on social media’s ideal”Beauty”. In a article published in 2015 titled, “Concerns about Children, Social Media andTechnology Use”, studies have shown that one-in-three parents have gainedconcern over their children’s use of social media within a year. Despite a percentage of parents showing concern on how their children use andview social media, there is a majority of parents, who believe they should notget involved in their children’s social life. With the idea of parents becoming involved with their children social media, itcan create an impact within the relationship whether or not the parents actuallyexpress concern. Despite social media making more of a negative impact on boys and girls, rather than creating a positive experience, there are solutions towards howsocial media could end up improving one’s self-esteem. Print this page. Author Bella

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What Are the Negative and Positive Effects of Beauty Standards in Social Media for Men and Women

The tricky truth regarding body image and social media. Many of us believe that seeing attractive, often heavily-edited photographs of people on social media makes us feel bad about our own bodies. Have you ever considered how all those photos of other people’s bodies, whether from a friend’s vacation photo or a celebrity’s gym selfie, may be influencing your perception […]

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Book Review: One Thousand White Women

I chose to read the book One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus, because it was recommended by a friend. I haven’t yet finished the book but from what I have read so far, I love it. I fully record this book to all readers. Based on historical events, One Thousand White Women tells the narrative of May Dodd’s journey […]

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Mental Health

Mental health influences the way we think, act and feel. It is very essential due to the fact it determines how we take care of stress, make decisions, and speak with different people. Many matters can have an effect on your mental health for instance lifestyles trauma, or other factors. Mental illnesses should not be thought of any differently from physical illnesses. In fact, I trust the two are inseparable. Because the complete physique is linked and interwoven, the two can’t be separated. The talent is an organ simply like the […]

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