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    Raising Awareness

    In the article, "Raising Their Voices" (Upfront, Grise, 2022), there is attention drawn towards mental health regarding athletes. The article features experiences from famous athletes and student athletes as well, who talk on their experiences battling their sport...

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    Belen commented on the post, Remembering Your Worth

    Dear Maddie, the topic you discussed in this post was interesting to me and got my attention because this is something probably everybody has to hear at some point. I hope those who have gone through the same, if not similar situation can see your post and realize that they were never the problem to begin with. One sentence you wrote that stands…Read More

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    Starting a New Life

    In the article, "Starting Over" (Upfront, Smith, 2022), I read about thousands of refugees that had to flee from Afghanistan to the United States, in hopes of escaping the Taliban, (which had taken over Afghanistan last August) and starting...

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    • Dear Belen, 

      I am intrigued by your post, “Starting a New Life” because I think it is very inspirational how many refugees are talking about this very difficult time and are turning it into something positive. They have just been forced to leave their homes, yet are still trying to create a new and better life for themselves. 

      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “I also cannot imagine what life is for those who don’t have the resources to leave or just can’t escape.” I think this is very devastating because even though it is relieving that many of them are able to create a new life, there are still people who are stuck there and cannot change the situation they are in. It must be even harder for them knowing there are people who were able to escape, while they are still there struggling. 

      Thank you for your writing! I look forward to your next writing because this is a topic more countries should be talking about. If more countries got involved they would be able to help the people of Afghanistan.

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    Belen commented on the post, STOP BULLYING

    Dear Fatima,

    I am impressed by your post, “STOP BULLYING” because I believe and know that bullying is wrong. No human being should be bullied because of the person they are, how they look or act. It is inhumane and wrong on all sorts of levels. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me was, “Bullying can lead to severe consequences when in…Read More

  • Dear Nicole,

    I am impressed by your post, “Debate on Zoo Ethicality” because there is not much awareness being raised on issues like this. I believe it is extremely important to ensure that the zoo’s number one priority is that the animals are being kept in a healthy and interactive environment. It is not only unethical, but unfair to the…Read More

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