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Othello: Recording A Passage

Movie on 4-29-18 at 10.02 PM I chose to record a passage from Shakespeare’s Othello during Act I, Scene III, Lines 208-218 and I played Desdemona, who is Othello’s beloved wife in the play. I learned that the impact of tone, inflection on specific words, and pacing is very important in appropriately performing this passage. For example, in this passage, […]

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Othello: Close Reading

In the following passage of the play, Othello, Desdemona’s father is upset with her for lacking in being dutiful to him. As he lectures her, Desdemona stands up for what she believes is the right thing to do and she argues with him to prove her point and her motive for her actions.  Desdemona 1.3.208-218 My noble father, I do […]

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Argumentative Essay Research Week 4

According to an article called “Teens: this is how social media affects your brain”, one scientist claims that using social media is “… just a way we have of adapting to our environment”, while another claims that “… social media is affecting our brain, particularly its plasticity, which is the way the brain grows and changes after experiencing different things”. […]

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What are the Effects of Social Media on the Teenage Brain?

While researching the effects that social media has on an individual’s brain I discovered a book review on, “i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing our Brains, our Behavior, and the Evolution of our Species”. It discussed the positive and negative aspects of technology, for example it claimed that “most find this technology to be helpful; […]

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Argumentative Essay Research Part II

I recently discovered an article called “‘PauseApp’ Breakthrough: Helping Adults Fight Social Media Anxiety, Depression” that talks about a new app that can help adults fight social media anxiety and depression. Not only has social media mentally affected teenagers, but it also has taken a toll on adults’ mental health. In order to provide a helpful tool for adults, “a […]

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Argumentative Essay Research Part I

“A basic assumption of human behavior is that people pursue pleasure and seek to avoid pain. Then why is it that some people seem content to wallow in their misery, even boasting about it as some sort of badge of honor?” The article “Sad Brain, Happy Brain” addresses the common misconception that is made about emotion in the brain as […]

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Times Up

“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.” The #timesup is being used to spread awareness of women’s rights and equality, and it is a unified call from women all over the world. I am a strong advocate for women’s rights and in ending abuse of women. […]

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How is the decrease in face-to-face communication affecting people today?

Today people are incredibly addicted to the most widely loved thing, technology and social media. It has had a great toll on children and teens over the years by inhibiting their conversation skills and face-to-face interactions with other people. Studies show that social media is a serious addiction, and through a study they discovered that when teens are deprived of […]

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How is mythology significant in our daily lives?

I recently found a new fascination for mythology throughout history and in our world today. I previously read about myths in books and articles online, but upon discovering a podcast called Lore, I dove deeper into learning about myths from all throughout the world and time. A myth is a story to explain a truth. This podcast highlights the dark […]

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What was the origin of Halloween?

Every year on the night of October 31, kids dress up and walk from door to door to say “Trick or Treat!”. This spooky holiday is called Halloween, and it has been a tradition for ages. The holiday originated from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhaim. However this night celebrated the Celt’s new year. The Celtic new year began on […]

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Are people inherently selfish or selfless?

The question of whether or not people are inherently good has been asked throughout time. Is it an innate trait or is it learned throughout time. I think it is difficult to pinpoint this question because it is more a matter of people’s personalities. Some people do not feel joy from helping others, while others do. Some help others in […]

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