• This picture it’s interesting and reminds me of the old times where everything was simple and nicely done. I chose this image because it reminds me how people used to show love to each other with letters, f

  • I enjoy reading this article because I understand that sometimes the rules doesn’t allowed patiences that don’t have a medicare or ect. However, there should be no rules if a patience needs help no matter what they should be catered. (The doctors should take care of them).

  • In many cases racism and discrimination are predicted by the problem of not knowing English, some of the places where the discrimination is greater are in schools, and public places without translators. Some

    • Ada replied 12 months ago

      Dear Berderlin,
      Thank you for writing such an honest, powerful post about different kinds of racism and discrimination. I was moved by how you connected your personal story to policies that affect people across our country. I believe that learning a second (or third) language is one of the most powerful things a person can do. The first paragraph of your post really shows how much bravery that takes, and how prejudice against “a person that’s in the process of learning a new language” can affect their opportunities to express themselves and connect to others. Thanks for sharing.


    • I do not know how he could win trump at the time he won many people felt sad and knew what to happen in some years, he is very racist and there is no reason to be racist we are not so different the only thing that changes is the color of The skin and the language in the rest we are all the same. I think that racism is wrong and that it should stop.

    • I think everyone is same in this world. Because you know, before we have different things( like skin color, language or custom), we both are human. We are same. So, discrimination shouldn’t appear in the earth, in this world. We should be unit, everyone should be unit. Also, I disagree that candidate says. I don’t think before Mexican come to U.S. , there is no drugs or rape in the U.S. It’s impossible. And last thing is if someone think he is top on other, actually, he is the lowest one.

    • I like what you think and every one in this world hope the world increasing to the positive and helps each other to make the world safe.

    • I agree with you I do not understand why we can share the same planet and it is not the same country. I am also afraid to stand in front of a class to make presentations because I am afraid to say something wrong and someone makes fun of me, I would be very embarrassed.

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    Esa parte que dices ” Im not Mexican but i like their food” es algo en lo cual estamos totalmente deacuerdo me encanta la comida mexicana y de different places.. Something your poem makes me think about is the food that we eat from other places.

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    I think your poem its beautiful, i felt a connection with it, good job Elizabeth.

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    Im definitely agree with you, thats the worst feeling that we could all go through being away from our mothers/family.

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    Quales fueron los cambios ?

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    me encanta lo que dijiste, nadie debe ser discriminado todos somos iguales! humanos, todos merecemos respecto.

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    I am from the beach swimming in the full moon near to the train station.                                           

    I am from the family moments ,

    Where its private.

    I am from  one blue Toyota , stuck in

    • I like you say you’re from a craziest family. It’s really funny. And It tells me you like your family. Nice job.!!!!!!!!!!

    • Grace replied 1 year ago

      Your poem has so many wonderful images – foods and things in your home. It also has so many feelings like when you wrote, “I am from the dark light of my room, where it feels a safe place to be.” I can both see and feel your room and I know what you mean – I feel that way about my room too!

    • Lona replied 1 year ago

      The very first line of your poem draws me in because I love the ocean and I love being near it. I am also love the moon so when you mention both the beach and the moon in your first line, I feel like I am write there walking on a beach under the moonlight. I love the title, “Ordinary Life” as your poem communicates how you find beauty in the simple and natural aspects of life.

    • “I am from the dark light of my room, where it feels a safe place to be.” I like this part, because I am also of those people.

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