• Dear Diego,
    I am amazed by how your shadow box looks like because it really shows who you are as a person. One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is the images you have because they all have different meanings. I also like how so of them you drew so it tells me you are someone who likes to draw a lot and that it may be your hobby you…[Read more]

  • Many people may believe that I am a female who lacks strength and can’t be dependent for myself just because of my sex since I was not born as a male bodied person who holds more power. People who judge me over b

    • dear beatriz I like your shadow box and it shows how u are really into catholicism and how your religious and have pride in yourself sincerely,anthony

    • Dear Beatriz,

      I love your shadow box I like what you added inside it. I also love your shadow box because of the bay pictures you put in it (you were so cute!!). One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is when you said that people assume that you are not strong because of your gender. This stood out to me because that is very true in society today, they think that women are weak and can’t do the same things as men. Another part that I liked from your shadow box was were you put the jesus object because religion is also a very important part of my life. Your shadow box connects to me because people also assume I am Mexican jus because I speak spanish. Thanks for your shadow box. I look forward to seeing what you do next because I know you will add some great ideas.

  • Dear Kayla,
    I am amazed by your shadow box because you were very creative in drawing a galaxy that holds an important meaning to you. Your galaxy painting looked really pleasant to see because it was neatly done.I loved the part in your statement where you said, ¨I feel like our galaxy has endless possibilities and there are new discoveries each…[Read more]

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