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  • This post sounds like great news and some major improvements are being made to protect our people. These last several years I feel like there has been major spike in the amount and destruction of Hurricanes hitting our country. Hundreds of people are losing their lives because of these terrible hurricanes. I wouldn’t say that the issue is…Read More

  • This post was great Andrea! I love reading about the mysteries and potentials of space. I without a doubt believe that there is life out there in infinitely many forms. Based on the idea that space is infinite, there must be infinitely many possibilities for life on other planets. I love your comparison of us to Neanderthals as aliens to us. This…Read More

  • I love this post Logan! I am super interested in space and what we don’t understand about it. I never realized black holes were so relatively harmless. I also didn’t realize how little we really know about them. I always see the same type of images about what a black hole looks like but these depictions could be completely wrong. Truthfully I…Read More

  • Billy, I absolutely love posts like this I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about our Earths demise and how we will become a single blip in time. There are so many crazy theories to how we might die some more realistic than others. To be honest I would like to see how some of these theories would play out. We may still be alive…Read More

  • Angelica, I have been super interested with Genetic modification recently and your post brought up some great issues with its implications. I believe this is the largest ethical dilemma we are facing currently. Do we potentially save millions of lives from diseases or do we potentially irreversibly change the entire human race unpredictably. There…Read More

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