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    For my reading I chose lines 170-180 in Othello Act 3, scene 3. This is where Iago is speaking to Othello about how he shouldn’t take Casios actions as an issue and Iago is often going to deeply into

  • Act 3 scene 3 in Othello is where things really start to get exciting as Iago begins to plant the seeds of jealousy in Othello. During this scene Iago and Othello have a lot of dialogue where Iago brings about his

  • After Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon in 1972, left to come back to Earth, people seemed to check it off their list. The moon hadn’t showed us too much excitement and the next great challenge was

  • Radiation is everywhere! Lucky for us the Earth’s magnetic field protects people on the planet from this radiation by trapping the particles in radiation belts that surround the globe. These areas in space are

    • The world is very fantastic because we can see how the world protect the human and animal and any sometimes that live in the world.

  • With the list of unexplored places on Earth growing smaller and smaller everyday, the odds of us finding new evidence pointing to our planet’s origins decreases. Surprisingly we could look to the stars to learn

    • This is very interesting because I like the universe and the mystery the universe. I learned about the life of the moon and the last time when the human visited the moon, was in 1972. The interesting thing about the moon and its mysteries.

    • Hey Charlie! This is pretty freaking cool! I never would have thought that the moon could be key in learning about the history of the Earth. With the constant shift of focus on our astral bodies with each president in America that you mentioned in a previous post, I somewhat doubt we’ll be able to accomplish much on the actual exploration of this idea for quite some time. Even so, I’m sure with increasing understanding and research we will be able to do more with this in the future, preferably sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to see where you went with this!

    • Charlie,

      This post is awesome. I did some research on panspermia for the astronomy poster for physics that we had to do, and found some very cool data analytics. While looking online relating to this subject, I found that there is a solar system containing about 6 or 7 planets that are extremely close to each other. The article further describes how life can possibly move quickly in time, jumping from one planet to another. The equations in the article look crazy but after reading about them, they were essentially theories on how organisms travel through space and how many different probability outcomes of organisms landing on planets there could be. Towards the end of the article, the equations started to get more theory oriented. Also, there was the brief mention to Abiogenesis, but the article essentially said it was too complicated to address in this publication. This is the link if your interested, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.00878.pdf. I thought it was really cool about how we could find more about our past on the moon too. Thanks for the post.


    • Dear Charlie,
      I am very intrigued by your article because it involves space and the greater world around us. I’ve always had a special interest in the world around us and like that you wrote such an insightful article about it.One thing you said that stands out for me is: “It is possible that the moon’s surface holds an unprecedented fossil record of life on Earth or from our surrounding planets.” I think this is interesting, because this would give us a chance to explore our surroundings. Your article reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was taking a test, and there was this article that was discussing whether life could exist in the Arctic lakes. In there, they conducted research on one of Jupiter’s moons in a similar fashion and found that there is a possibility for life to exist. This just leads to show that the Earth is just as connected and important as the rest of the Solar System. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this article was very well-written.

  • This post sounds like great news and some major improvements are being made to protect our people. These last several years I feel like there has been major spike in the amount and destruction of Hurricanes hitting our country. Hundreds of people are losing their lives because of these terrible hurricanes. I wouldn’t say that the issue is…[Read more]

  • This post was great Andrea! I love reading about the mysteries and potentials of space. I without a doubt believe that there is life out there in infinitely many forms. Based on the idea that space is infinite, there must be infinitely many possibilities for life on other planets. I love your comparison of us to Neanderthals as aliens to us. This…[Read more]

  • I love this post Logan! I am super interested in space and what we don’t understand about it. I never realized black holes were so relatively harmless. I also didn’t realize how little we really know about them. I always see the same type of images about what a black hole looks like but these depictions could be completely wrong. Truthfully I…[Read more]

  • Billy, I absolutely love posts like this I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about our Earths demise and how we will become a single blip in time. There are so many crazy theories to how we might die some more realistic than others. To be honest I would like to see how some of these theories would play out. We may still be alive…[Read more]

  • Angelica, I have been super interested with Genetic modification recently and your post brought up some great issues with its implications. I believe this is the largest ethical dilemma we are facing currently. Do we potentially save millions of lives from diseases or do we potentially irreversibly change the entire human race unpredictably. There…[Read more]

  • Ethan this is a great post about a very controversial issue. I truly have no idea how this can be fixed but while reading your post I was reminded of the movie Blind Side and how the football player and his family nearly got in trouble because he chose to go to the school they wanted him to. This brings up the issue as with Nicita where families…[Read more]

  • Carter, I couldn’t agree more that Zoos are very detrimental to the health of the animals being held there, however, I also believe there are many zoos and sanctuaries that do great things for species that may be endangered. Many animals are on the brink of death or extinction and we can help them return to health. If Zoos are applied like this,…[Read more]

  • Sofia I have also realized that this last year especially has had an extreme increase in particularly hostile hurricanes. As a child I remember a few major hurricanes such as Katrina or others but in just these last several years it seems they have been coming one after another with thousands of deaths in each. Although it seems there isn’t really…[Read more]

  • After learning that NASA might have plans to go back to the moon under the Trump administration, I was inspired to get to the root of whether this would be a good idea. The past three presidents have changed the

    • I agree that a base on the moon would be well worth the cost. It could open doorways for many new areas of space research. It is also the next logical step in the exploration of our solar system, providing a stepping stone for a trip to Mars. However, a project like that would be pretty expensive, and there would be a lot of opponents to the idea. Despite this is, a base on the moon and humans on Mars are things I would like to see in my lifetime, and it seems possible.

    • I enjoyed reading your article, this is a very interesting topic and exciting for the future of science and humanity. However I disagree with you. I believe there is much more to learn on mars than there is on the moon. The faster we can get to mars the better and quicker we will be able to make huge advancements in our knowledge of space and time. Here is a video arguing this point https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/7wu0sw/why_should_we_go_to_mars/?st=JDJTL1E3&sh=bfb135c6

    • I really enjoyed this article, it made you think about a different type of life other than the ones we have right now. I agree with you that the most logical process to achieving our goal of reaching Mars would be establishing a habitable environment on the Moon. This would open so many doors to improving the exploration of space.

    • Charlie I think your topic is very interesting. I agree that all though very expensive and time consuming I think budding a base in space is worth it. I think it could provide a lot of opportunities for the future of our Earth. It would be one step closer for us to figure out how we could live on a different planet. This base would also allows us an opportunities to travel to other planets and possible find a planet that is suited for human needs. I would like to see us pursue these goals sometime in the near future.

    • Hi Charlie,

      I found you’re post very interesting. Space travel and exploring the universe is very fascinating to me. I think building a base on the moon would be cool, but it may be an inefficient use of resources and time. I think if we were to colonize any of the planets in our solar system, our best bet would actually be mars. Not only is it relatively close to Earth, there is also evidence that there was water on Mars, and potentially even life many, many years ago. I think you would find this article interesting.


    • Hi Charlie!

      Really awesome idea for an essay. I think a lunar base is necessary if humanity wants to create stable colonies on Mars, or other planets/moons. Even if the lunar base acts as just a simple “halfway” stop, it will still end up being cost effective.

      Although scientists have found massive oil reserves on Mars, the Moon also holds potential as a future energy source with ample helium-3, which has potential to become a key part of fusion reactors.


      Gook Luck!

  • Johan this is a very interesting topic! We have been seeing the idea of self-driving cars grow from just an idea to a reality. I’m sure legislation will be forced to decide on a regulated law in the near future as these cars gain popularity. Personally the idea that a machine is in control of my car scares me so I would never be up for this but it…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jack for your post! I’ve always found it interesting and kind of scary how the US can basically send a highly accurate bomb anywhere in the world at anytime to spy on or kill anyone. Technology is truly a terrifying things and whether or not we should use to its full use is up for grabs at some times. The use of drones so far has been in my…[Read more]

  • Recently the our president Donald Trump has declared that he plans to shift NASA’s direct focus from Mars back to the Moon. These last several years Obama set the focus of NASA on reaching Mars. This looked like t

    • Charlie,
      This a fantastic topic, and I had no idea how much politics affected NASA. I guess I forgot that NASA is a government funded organization. It sucks that they are at the whims of whoever is in office. I’m sure they have more knowledge of what is best for this country in terms of exploration than any president does. Its very unfortunate that politics can hinder our progress on science, because in my opinion they should be separate. I think you might like this piece which takes a similar approach:
      Thanks so much for the interesting article, I look forward to hearing more.

    • It is discouraging that politics can impede the exploration of science. However, it might be the more practical option. Space travel is expensive, and a mission to Mars might not seem like the best allocation of resources. Faith is not lost though, as companies like SpaceX have put out exciting deadlines for Mars exploration. Either way, a trip to space, Mars or the Moon, is exciting.

    • Charlie, this is a very interesting insight. I have always found it to be counter intuitive for a president to change the focus of NASA’s work when so much money has already gone into it. My dad used to work at NASA in the aerospace medicine program and so this is a topic that has been floating around my household for quite some time. It would be interesting to see what NASA would accomplish if politics stayed out of it. I’m looking forward to seeing your future writings! Btw here is a link that could be useful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budget_of_NASA

  • Angelica this post really got me thinking! One of my absolute favorite things to do is think about space and the infinite possibilities it holds. This often leads my brain numb and hurting but thats part of the fun. I have thought about this idea that we are a smaller object in a larger system much like bacteria is to us and I really believe it to…[Read more]

  • Great post Johan! I agree with you that the media definitely hides some major world events outside of our scope of focus. Like you said major issues in Africa and 3rd world countries are completely unnoticed by the average American because the news never reaches our “feeds”. Although it is important to being cultured and knowing of what is going…[Read more]

  • Brave New World and 1984 are both dystopian novels written in the early to mid 20th century. These books invoke fear into the audience with a terrifying future and outlook into our society. Although both novels

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