• Hi, I agree with you.
    Online schooling might get teachers in confusion at the very beginning. It make us to learn at home during pandemic become possible. But it also has it’s short coming. The student at home need to have a very high self-motivation. But most people don’t have it. So online schooling still can’t replace the tradition one.
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    Hi khirstina,I agree with you.
    Even though the virus is serious now, but we can still come over through it. Because Utah have more medical sources than others, and fewer people get inflected. Also, Utah that is one of the state with serious lock down policy. So everything will be find. Here is a link that might help you.…[Read more]

  • America has now become the country with most covid-19 cases confirmed.Due to the shortage of medical resources, medical staff have to re-use the existing sanitary clothing, or make temporary supplies themselves,

  • The new type of coronavirus 2019 refers to the first outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Wuhan, China in 2019, including deaths caused by symptoms such as fever and pneumonia.

    The outbreak was

    • Great post. I think that basic the hygiene habits that we are taught as young kids will play a very important role in diminishing further transmission of the virus. Your post was very well written.

    • Hi Eric,
      I thought your post was very interesting and i agree with you. I agree that we need better hygiene habits and should instigate those more. All of the examples you listed were great and I believe that if we instigate this around the world more, it can help prevent sickness, and even these rapid spreading diseases.

    • Eric,
      I agree that we must use our basic hygiene habits to help prevent the transmission of the disease. This post was well written and I liked the topic. Nice job

    • Hey Eric,
      I agree that good hygiene and taking care of our bodies is necessary to stay healthy and prevent transmission. This post was very well written and covered a very interesting topic.

    • Estimado Eric,
      Estoy de acuerdo con tu publicación, “brote de coronavirus”, porque este tipo de virus ha causado muchas muertes de personas. Este virus brotó en el año 2019 es muy peligroso porque es una enfermedad respiratoria. Que poco a poco acaba con las personas.
      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “los coronavirus se transmiten de persona a persona al toser y estornudar” creo que esto es muy importante de saber porque todas las personas deben saber lo que es este virus, cómo se transmite y cómo deben prevenir las personas contagiarse del coronavirus.
      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque tus publicaciones son de mucha importancia para toda la sociedad. Y su publicación es muy interesante.
      Que mas debemos saber para que no nos infectemos del coronavirus?

    • Dear Eric :
      I most definitely agree with what you have to say about this serious matter. The corona virus is very serious and I am glad that you have wrote about it to not only help us but also inform us.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ To prevent new coronavirus infections, we need hygienic habits, such as washing hands frequently, keeping the body hydrated, covering mouth and nose with hands or paper towels when coughing, and staying home when sick.” I think this is intreving because you have advised ways to try and keep us away from it or try to even just stay alert.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because what you have said in this informative writing I will and already have been putting it to use so thank you very much.

      • Raul replied 4 months ago

        Dear keila:
        I disagree with you because the corona virus has not really killed a lot of people and more people die to a regular flu.

    • Dear Eric:
      I am very moved with your post, “Coronavirus Outbreak,” because it helps inform people about what is going on with the virus. It also gives us precautions to take in order to protect ourselves from the virus. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “To prevent new coronavirus infections, we need hygienic habits, such as … staying home when sick.” I think this is important because a lot of people might not be aware that being sick makes you more vulnerable to catching the virus, as well as other possible diseases.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I am able to better inform myself about the Coronavirus and other recent topics.

  • Hi Ella, I like your idea about the climate change.
    As the growth of the industrail, the climate is becoming worse. With the wildfire of Australia recently and the fire of Amazon forest. It’s even worse. 2020 is a year with horrible beginning, we have to stop the heavy pollution right now.
    Here is some thoughts might help…[Read more]

  • Hi Ellie. I like your article.
    The wild fire in Australia shows their government lack the ability of organization. Meanwhile their president even went holiday to hawaii. He is not responsible for his people and country. They really need to think about how to do it better.
    Here is some sources may help…[Read more]

  • Hi jonathan, your post is good.
    I like your idea about the problem of zoos. The zoo lack lots of regulation, they are to hurry to put it in run to make money. This is hurt for animals. Also the limited places will hurt animals’ behave too. Here’s some sources that might help you:

  • America strong is not about its system, but its military. America’s military is the most special in the world. Not only because it’s the most powerful one in the world, but also because it can make money by

  • Hi Hanson, I like your post.
    Now days lots of the media have bias in political. They create lots of fake news to attack other parties. This is not correct. The only think we can do is to have a good reconization
    to clearify these news. We should learn these media belongs to which parties before we go deeper. Here’s a link might help y…[Read more]

  • Hi Max, your post is really good.
    I think the gun control is a hard thing. The company who sell guns have lots of power. They can’t let you change it easily. The best way to do it is still need to do more on the regulation. Also American should be more strict on gun control, just like Japan. Every gun and bullet need to be record.
    Here is a link m…[Read more]

  • The “color revolution” refers to the movement of political power in Central Asia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern European countries in the ideological and non-violent manner since the end of the 20th

  • Hi Aliko, your post is great
    I think the American culture is basically like what you say. And of course, the positive attitude when facing difficulties is also a symbol of American. American is a very competitive for welcoming all the culture in the world. It’s a “melting pot” and keep attracting all these great people to America to achieve their…[Read more]

  • Hi peter, your post is good
    I think the video game is not the reason of making people be violated. 70 years ago, there is no video game but the WW2 still happen. I think the most important thing to do is to let parent make a good guide for their children. Because he can still play it when he is an adult. So it’s important to help children d…[Read more]

  • Hi, Cooper, your post is impressive
    I highly agree with your opinion about the value and diversity of American. In American value, the most important think is everyone should be respect equally. The advantage of American value makes the American become the “melting pot” for all different kind of people. Lots of people who have a great goal and hig…[Read more]

  • Hi, Katie your post is good
    You have a great passion in News field. I have to say in this area it’s a very good way to promote to good development of future. This won’t let people goes to the wrong way and sometimes it can even affect political. By interview different people you can also get a better view for some area which can helps you be mor…[Read more]

  • Recently, 28 China entities were put in American blacklists. American companies are not allow to provide products for them or let them sell products in America. In the name of security problem, they ban them in

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