• America strong is not about its system, but its military. America’s military is the most special in the world. Not only because it’s the most powerful one in the world, but also because it can make money by

  • Hi Hanson, I like your post.
    Now days lots of the media have bias in political. They create lots of fake news to attack other parties. This is not correct. The only think we can do is to have a good reconization
    to clearify these news. We should learn these media belongs to which parties before we go deeper. Here’s a link might help y…[Read more]

  • Hi Max, your post is really good.
    I think the gun control is a hard thing. The company who sell guns have lots of power. They can’t let you change it easily. The best way to do it is still need to do more on the regulation. Also American should be more strict on gun control, just like Japan. Every gun and bullet need to be record.
    Here is a link m…[Read more]

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    The “color revolution” refers to the movement of political power in Central Asia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern European countries in the ideological and non-violent manner since the end of the 20th

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    Hi Aliko, your post is great
    I think the American culture is basically like what you say. And of course, the positive attitude when facing difficulties is also a symbol of American. American is a very competitive for welcoming all the culture in the world. It’s a “melting pot” and keep attracting all these great people to America to achieve their…[Read more]

  • Hi peter, your post is good
    I think the video game is not the reason of making people be violated. 70 years ago, there is no video game but the WW2 still happen. I think the most important thing to do is to let parent make a good guide for their children. Because he can still play it when he is an adult. So it’s important to help children d…[Read more]

  • Hi, Cooper, your post is impressive
    I highly agree with your opinion about the value and diversity of American. In American value, the most important think is everyone should be respect equally. The advantage of American value makes the American become the “melting pot” for all different kind of people. Lots of people who have a great goal and hig…[Read more]

  • Hi, Katie your post is good
    You have a great passion in News field. I have to say in this area it’s a very good way to promote to good development of future. This won’t let people goes to the wrong way and sometimes it can even affect political. By interview different people you can also get a better view for some area which can helps you be mor…[Read more]

  • Recently, 28 China entities were put in American blacklists. American companies are not allow to provide products for them or let them sell products in America. In the name of security problem, they ban them in

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