• America has many traits or values that make such a unique country that stands out from other countries. We have many characteristics from old times to modern day America that we live by or present. There are many

    • Emily, I really enjoyed your response to Breakaway. I haven’t read the book myself but based on your description and analysis, it seems like a great example of the American value of hard work. I agree with your overall thesis statement that America values the most tenacious people who continue especially in the face of hardship and obstacles. The values you described as being presented in Breakaway’s characters are particularly inspiring. I think all people should be hardworking, confident, determined, and positive. I want to try to implement these characteristics more in my own behavior as well.

    • Emily, I really enjoyed your article. I liked how you addressed such a difficult topic to talk about when you added the question “ what if” it really made me think about what I could do to step out of my comfort zones. You did a great job using quotes, one of my favorite is “ Whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger” I like this because when people step out of their comfort zones there is often times a let down that is paired with it. This quote is inspirational to the people who have let downs so they know that those hardships will make them stronger later on.

    • Emily,
      I very much enjoyed reading this. I think you structured your essay very well. I like how you began by talking in general about American values, then you went on to summarize the book “Breakaway”, and then in the end relate it to others, all the while maintaining the topic of values. I have never read the book “Breakaway”, however after reading your response to it I feel like I know it. One of the things that I enjoyed the most about your essay is how you talked about how we must encourage kids to follow their own American dream, instead of pushing them to follow a path that we want them to. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope to read more from you.

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    I like how you defined American culture by our main principles like freedom and new beginnings. You included your own opinion on American culture and how it could be better. You used direct qoutes and citations to show how other people view American culture which is something other people didn’t include! Overall, your paper was written well and…[Read more]

  • I like how you used symbols of American culture to represent the American value freedom. The symbols of eagles and guns are good symbols of America. I also, like how you included the event with Colin Kaepernick as an example for how Americans stand up for their freedom.

  • I like how you used the word melting pot to describe American being diverse and accepting different cultures. I also thought it was interesting how you brought up an old history fact which is unique instead of just talking about equality!

  • I thought it was good how you used foods from different countries as a value for American since its not something we would normally think of as a value. But, if you think about it we value trying different foods and being unique.

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  • What do Americans value in a country full of differences? The answer is we value many different things that range from the start of the constitution to modern day. We value things from individual traits, american

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