• I chose Othello, 5.2.397-406 in which I am voicing Othello.

    Not that I’m going to claim this recording a masterpiece, there were a few times that I sped up and slowed down and changed my pitch. There were

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    Here are two close readings of passages from Othello

    Desdemona is brought to the duke’s court to testify her feelings for Othello. Her father has no idea about their relationship and believes that Othello must h

  • Jaime, I think there is a lot of potential stories out there. It sounds like an inspirational piece just waiting. I briefly googled and all that popped up was healing yourself through self-love. treeoflifecenterus.com/healing-through-self-love/ says that it’s a combination of eating, reflecting, and giving to let the ‘love flow’. I’m not sure if…[Read more]

  • Melissa, as a student that uses and is on youth voices (though I feel like you are currently a teacher so I’ll phrase my comment accordingly..) I think that this website allows us to see and learn about other student’s lives, situations, interests, abilities, etc. All we are missing is a major group of photographers and artists. The more diverse…[Read more]

  • America is in debt. We have a massive deficit that needs to be paid off. It would be logical to begin to cut internal spending to balance the budget, and even earn a surplus. But what do we cut?

    It’s r

    • Anna,

      I found your post very interesting. Specifically when you said “With our population growing and our demands for food, water, shelter, and energy along with it, we need to ensure that our natural resources are protected.” I agree that our government needs to make a change in order to help conserve our natural resources. You bring up many good points about how to go about protecting our environment. I would like to read more about this subject and I look forward to reading your next post.

  • Angeles, this is a really good poem. I read it aloud and the cadence and emotion of it came naturally. The repetition of “Now…” at the end was really powerful.

  • Cheryl, this is a really interesting post. I like how you focused on the economic benefits, by saying, “in many ways small, locally owned farms have somewhat of a multiplier effect: for every dollar the farm spends, a percentage stays in the local economy.” I know fruit farms are currently being hit hard with all the subsidies going to other types…[Read more]

  • There is one large question: Does funding conservation even work?

    It may seem like we’re moving no where with certain species. Rhinos, tigers, mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, right whales, blue whales, a

  • Hey Brooklyn, as I am sure you can see, your post is one many have a feelings about. At my school boys and girls where the same exact uniform. The issue I have with it is the fact that girls can be written up on more things than boys, including our bra color. I think this is ridiculous and a far bigger issue than ‘distractions’. There’s nothing…[Read more]

  • Reagan, I am very happy you are talking about this. At my elementary school we had a woman who specialized in reading disabilities and we were constantly tested with dibels (https://dibels.org/dibels.html) to ensure no one was falling behind. If you were, you either had sessions with her or you just had to take a book home and read it to your…[Read more]

  • Conservation efforts simply cannot happen without finding. Below I have two examples of recent funding.

    Florida Forever is the main conservation group buying up natural lands in Florida. Their plan is to buy

    • Anna,
      I appreciate your writing about this subject. I find that this is a very pressing issue in our world right now. This is something I am also very interested in. I found it concerning when you said that there is a flaw in the conservation system and “just because the people support it and there is an amendment to guarantee it, there is a roadblock. This roadblock is Legislature. Legislature has funded Florida Forever with $15.2 million for the last two years (the article was released in 2017). It’s a gap of $284.8 million. Over the years, Florida Forever should have had roughly $2.4 billion and it could be farther ahead of where they are presently.” This statistic was very impactful. I found an article (https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865693250/Op-ed-The-facts-about-multiple-land-use-in-Utah.html) that you might like to read. It is about Utah’s land preservation. I look forward to reading your research project.

    • Anna,
      I think you post is very important for people to read. I truly believe that conservation efforts are vital for this planet. I really enjoyed learning about that fact that when people buy guns in select states, the taxes placed on those arms would help the conservation endeavor. I thought that this website would interest you, https://www.wcs.org. Thank you for you post.

      -Thomas K.

  • Catherine, this is a great topic. The fear of the unknown is one that’s hard to pin down. Some of the articles I’ve briefly looked at pointed to xenophobia, but I personally don’t think that captures it fully. Sure it’s an irrational dislike and fear of something we don’t know, but I feel like that falls from ignorance. You yourself state that you…[Read more]

  • Sharai, I hadn’t really thought that much about gentrification. In Salt Lake, it’s phrased as something new and uplifting. In this article, https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865596095/Improving-Salt-Lake-City-one-neighborhood-at-a-time.html, about half way through it states, “those who remained behind in a gentrified neighborhood between 2001…[Read more]

  • Conservation programs often fail. With so many factors to consider it’s no surprise. In an ecosystem and an environment there is complexity. Problems with management, funding, and unforeseen circumstance makes b

    • I like that you mentioned unrealistic goals. Goals in conservation can be so hard to follow, or even think of. Things can be so unpredictable, and ever changing. I also like that you brought up the big part of funding. Funding is an unsteady area. I’d love to see more on Conservation!

  • Amelia, I read 1984 in class not too long ago. The idea of constantly being monitored is eerie. People joke about being watched through their laptop and phone cameras, but there’s a part of me that kind of believes it. Being watched alters the way you act -often makes you act more mannered and in control. One of the reasons the party has more…[Read more]

  • Luz, I have also read 1984 and the quote you chose is one that has stuck with me. The thought that he enjoyed the fact, relished in it really, that she had been with multiple other partners caught me off guard initially. But as you say, he doesn’t feel alone because this “…shows that many other men aren’t afraid to break the rules implemented b…[Read more]

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  • Ceceli, as a fellow senior, the price of college is weighing heavily on my mind. I went to your first site and found it interesting that Rockefeller saw student loans as a way of coping with the high cost. I found a site ttps://www.cbsnews.com/news/forget-bad-debt-college-loans-are-the-worst-debt/ about how student loans are non-deductible, gains…[Read more]

  • Alex, I enjoyed your article. You weighed the pros and cons. My suggestion is to expand your article by comparing us to other countries and maybe even state to state. https://www.thebalance.com/us-minimum-wage-what-it-is-history-and-who-must-comply-3306209, is a site that does jus that. Our minimum wage is surprising low compared to our cost of…[Read more]

  • The open carry debate in Utah has been going on for roughly two years, seemingly resolved in March of 2017. In 2014, Utah allowed its citizens to openly carry an unloaded firearm, two mechanical actions away from

    • Anna,
      Gun laws are a touchy topic in today’s hot political society, but I’m glad there’s some discussion. There need to be some form of reforms in these subjects as there are still too many gun violence deaths in America. I am curious to know the number of gun deaths in Utah compared to the US and compared to the world. Hope to see more from you!

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