• Dear Tyler,
    I am happy your favorite word is explore as it can be a very creative and thought provoking activity. While the word may be an enigma with its multiple definitions and uses. Your idea of relating curiosity and exploration is very clever, as curiosity can be a cause or an effect for exploration. Thank you Tyler I very much appreciated…[Read more]

  • My favorite word is chew. Chew/chewing is an activity most of us enjoy on a daily basis. Chewing is part of a healthy lifestyle and leads to digestion which us humans all need. This word is great as it is

    • Dear:sanath

      I am surprised by your post My Word or favorite activity because… your informacion about that the chewing es parte de un estilo de vida saludable y conduce a la digestión y sobre todo about the everyone he does one sentence for you wrote the stands out for me is:’’ Esta palabra es confuso hace que sea más divertido en los ojos I think this is interesante because… y que no tiene sentido para mí el que una palabra acerca de la alimentación puede tener ew en ella thanks for you writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because… for me is interesting your temas que son fasinantes

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    Hello Jacob, I really appreciate the fact that you brought the idea of mob mentality from the olden days, torches and screaming peoples, to the online aspect that it as has evolved into. The one thing I felt was missing from your argument is the working behinds mobs and what they are. While you may have provided examples it did not show your…[Read more]

  • I enjoyed your argument Abby, but one thing I found a bit off setting was your idea of mass shootings or other events as the “norm” kind of makes your argument seem insensitive or apathetic. Might’ve just been the way I read your post, but I think your writing is very good beside my earlier comment.

  • What does it mean to be American? Well that’s entirely up to your definition of American, but for those of you who aren’t satisfied with their ideas on this topic don’t worry I am here to give opinions.The thi

  • What is American Culture, Values, and Creed

    America is built on rules. “ Marking a book” (Adler) is an example of that, as there are proper ways of doing things and that needs to be followed for success. Ame

    • I agree with you Sanath on what really is an American creed it truly has many different views on what it can be because it does vary from person to person on their aspects on life. The knowledge they have or grow up with really will put a good thought to what they believe it is.

  • I like the way you introduced the meaning of the death penalty and why it is a concern in todays day and age. I am one of the people that believe that the death penalty should be illegal because it is expensive and no person deserves death. As prison break has shown conviction is not solid. Proof will always be around and there is no 100% guilty…[Read more]

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