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    The ruling of abortion being a constitutional right should be looked over again with the consideration of the consequences of the last ruling in mind. The Number of Abortions, Abortion Counters, a real time

    • Dear Morgain,

      After reading your article I had multiple thoughts about the article. I am pro life. I believe that every baby whether outside of the womb or inside it is still a human life. Thank you so much for talking about the topic. Most people don’t want to talk about Americas biggest crime and shame.

    • Hi Morgain! I really liked your article, it was full of facts and sources. I am personally pro-choice. I would never get an abortion, however I think that it should be a women’s choice on what to do with her child. However it was nice to see the other side of the story. So thank you. Here is an article i think you’ll like:

    • Hey Morgan, I love the topic you chose because it is a serious issue and I feel that it is it being taken seriously enough. I love the points you have made and I would say that I am on the other side form you on this topic. I feel that it is the women choice whether she wants it or not. None the less I liked getting your point of view in this topic.

    • Dear Morgain

      I am very moved by this article on abortion because I myself am pro life and find this as a a good and valid reasons to support a pro life discussion. This has also show what other peers think about this very sensitive subject and came up with valid points for one side of the argument.

      One of the sentences that stood out to me was, “The biggest thing is that the 14th amendment ensures the protection of life, making the killing of unborn children illegal according to the United States Constitution. “U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, 14th Amendment”. This shows that you had very strong evidence to back up your claim and shows your stand on the discussion.

      Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I have very strong opinions on the pro-life stand that supports your opinions in this writing.

      -Alexander Tobon

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