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    Why  is Utah Baning DEI Programs at State Institutions

    A number of scholars have recently suggested that… it's important to make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts more official. They think DEI should be a key part of how schools, workplaces, and communities operate. This means leaders need to...

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    Why Does Fear Surround DEI Efforts? 

    https://www.diverseeducation.com/opinion/article/15448073/why-does-fear-surround-dei-efforts The article talks about two teachers, Ms. Moore and Dr. Ijei, who made a big difference in the author's life. Ms. Moore helped the author feel proud of being Black by inviting them to speak for Black History Month....

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    A dead rat can draw a crowd!

    My Summary of Big Scary Ugly Dirty Rats by Mark Jacobson In New York City, even a dead rat can draw a crowd. The rat described in the article was about seven inches long, weighing around a pound, which...

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    • Your post made me think about the wide variety of functions that a rat has. I never realized how adaptable they can be, most creatures stick to one particular environment. It seems that rats can make it almost anywhere and remain a steady population with all of their unique characteristics. I wonder if rats are one of the largest rodent populations in the country, considering their reproduction opportunity and outbreaks.

    • Dear, Ayan
      Your post made me think of how urban cities have a very large problem of pest outbreaks and the actions health pest control professionals take to reduce the infestation. Also how the rats have been in the cities for a long time that they have adapted to the environment and learned to live with all the harsh things around them. Something I wonder is how people learn to live with the rats, regularly see the rats and be okay with it.

    • Dear, Ayan
      Your post made me think of how New york city has dealt with this issue for many years an has kind of became the norm. And it is mostly all big cities have this issue. Something i wonder is how can we limit these problems.
      Juliana Cruz

    • Dear, Ayan

      Your post made me think of big cities and how it must be an issue that civilians have to deal with. Something I wonder is how does this become an issue.


    • Dear, Ayan

      Your post made me feel like the big cities are the ones with this issue or with lots of rats and a city i can think of would be new york. Lots of people even say that it’s normal when seeing a rat on the street. I also think that this can be an issue to people everyday, which is something they deal with daily.

    • Dear Ayan,

      Your post made me feel that bigger cities with a big population are the ones that have to deal with these types of problems involving rats. I feel like it is normal to some people in certain parts in the world to see rats everyday, but to others it is very rare. Something I wonder is how you could prevent less rats from appearing?


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