• Dear president,


    My name is Alazia wilson and i am a senior at Carman-Ainsworth High School,MI. One of the most pressing issues in the united states right now is juvenile incarceration.There are many flaws in

    • Alazia,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. One part that really stood out to me was when you said that “we should provide the youth with behavior counseling instead of throwing them in a cell for some years.” I agreed with most of your initial points but I don’t agree with your main argument where you take about how giving them nicer accommodations and healthier food would help reform them. I disagree with that statement because to me it seems like that is rewarding juveniles for their bad behavior and if you really want to reform them you have to punish them for their wrongdoings not reward them. I would also disagree with the statement that people under 18 sent to juvenile detention centers are in unsafe environments. It has been proven over and over that detention centers are kept in very good conditions to provide the best possible chance for rehabilitation for juveniles. I think that it would be helpful for you to read this article. Thanks for posting.



    • I disagree with you because if they did something to be put in their then they deserve to be in there. They should think before they act but as for kids that run away from home they should have another solution for that.I do agree with what you said when you said we should provide the youth with behavior counseling but they should get that while they are in juve.

    • Alazia,
      I agree with your point in this article. If we put more effort into helping and changing these kids before they get to a point where we have to incarcerate them, the number of kids in Juvenal incarceration would go down greatly. A lot of these kids turn to crime and gang life to help their family when they’re struggling. We need to put an effort to changing this before it starts. What ways do you think we could solve this?
      Helpful Link: https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=146

  • the answer is yes we should take a knee because of all the killings and the discrimination between blacks and whites. Taking a knee in my opinion is necessary, Many black men/women have lost their lives because

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