• One way that Disney is already looking towards the future is with the Disney Accelerator project. Disney is now offering a program for startup companies to collaborate with the heads of various disney industries

  • Today, Disney is one of the world’s most recognized brand names. They’re known for their movies, theme parks, cruise lines, and much more. To say “the sun never sets on the Disney Empire” would be an underst

  • Armando, I really like where you’re going with this argument. I agree with you to an extent that speech should not be limited, but what about in the instances in which cyber-bullying is happening? Does it still apply then? I agree that in most cases students’ speech online should not be controlled by the school, but there might be some cases where…[Read more]

  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. According to the Founding Fathers of the United States, these are the most basic human rights that everyone is guaranteed. They act as an umbrella for other protected

  • Abel, I really like the points you made. I recently watched a documentary on public education in America and what you wrote really emphasizes what I learned from that video. Everyone has the right to the same level of education and people shouldn’t be punished because they don’t fall into a certain category. I love the quote you use because it…[Read more]

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    Emma, I completely agree with what you’re saying. Up until recently I’ve been terrified to try something that might make me feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. I have learned to embrace these moments because, like you said, they can help you grow as a person. You wrote, “But in order to be able to do something different you have to step out of your…[Read more]

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    Brianna, I absolutely love what you said in this! I understand where you’re coming from as I have had friends that made me feel like I had to change who I was to fit in with them. I still sometimes struggle to be who I am and not what others want me to be. I love where you say “You can always walk away from everyone else but not yourself.” It…[Read more]

  • Anyone that has flown before has gone through the security checkpoint. We all know that you have to take all electronics and liquids (no more than 3 oz.) out of bags, remove our shoes, and place our bags on a

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    I really like what you’re trying to say here, Katherine. Books have always been a big part of the human experience and by banning certain topics, awareness about the world is being taken away from children. This reminds me of how Nazis attempted to burn all the books relating to subjects that they did not agree with. People have the right to read…[Read more]

  • I really like the argument that you’re building against the legalization of prostitution. Maybe to help support your argument you should look into countries who have legalized it and the issues that their workers are facing. Overall it’s very well written!

  • Dress codes were first implemented in America during the 1960’s when most families began to make enough money to afford newer, more diverse clothing. They were originally meant as a means to keep the student p

    • This is an aspect of uniforms that I never considered. It seems like more of a convoluted subject. I really never thought more of uniforms than being a standard thing for all students to wear to make the school appear more professional. Reading this post gave me a little enlightenment about different perspectives about the pros and cons of wearing uniforms. Fascinating Post!

    • I agree that dress codes are too confining and frankly ridiculous. One point that I’ve also heard made is that dress codes are insulting to both girls and boys. Assuming that a girl showing off her shoulders would be too distracting for boys to handle implies that boys have no self-control. It’s demeaning for all the students involved, and there’s really no reason for it.

    • I really liked what you wrote Anika, it really highlighted the inequality that plagues young females all over the country. It also really made me more aware of what is happening around me with this topic, I had no idea about the court case wanting to put a dress code on interns. It was enlightening and informative, yet well written and had a clear point of view.

    • I agree that dress codes are good. They help people not stand out, and and less stressful to think about what you’ll wear for school in the morning. But the way people get treated for it is unreasonable. Especially at Judge when the faculty and staff prioritize something like “an untucked shirt” to stop class to tuck in their shirt.

    • Hi Annika, I really liked your post about dress codes. I especially lied when you said “now they have grown into a form of control over students”. I can relate to this because I have been told that I am dressed inappropriately several times, and it feels like the adult is just trying to show that they can do that because they are an administrator and they have power over me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel like it will be very impact in the future and help stand up to sexism and power trips.

    • Hey, Anika. This is a really interesting topic. I didn’t know that parents were complaining of student’s attire being distracting or that companies had a dress code to avoid distracting coworkers. I always just thought it was a part of looking professional in front of clients. Do you think that uniforms in the work place and and at school are a solution to dress code violations or a stricter version? I would love to hear more from you on this topic. Maybe you could discuss dress code variation based on location or age group.

    • The description of “enforcing the idea that the workers “were unable to control themselves” because they saw another human body” perfectly exemplifies the cause for dress codes in our schools. Pointing out how the clothing market makes it difficult for young women to abide by dress codes is something I had never considered.

    • I think your article is very interesting. Would just having school uniforms be better? Or do you think there should be no restrictions on dress? I think that it is ridiculous that these people were “distracted”. They should work on their own self control instead of trying to fix their problem by changing others.

    • I really liked that way you touched on a new view of uniforms. I especially liked this line “they have grown into a form of control over the students and their right to express themselves,”. I liked this because I feel very strongly about this subject and the objectification of women. I enjoyed your post Anica and I liked how you stood up for women and talked on their behalf, I would love to read more about how you feel about other things women are ridiculed for.

    • Anika, Dress codes take away how people express themselves and I don’t agree with that people should be able to wear what they want. Saying the way a female dresses will distract a male can also imply that there is no self-control over themselves. I do agree that dress codes would save people from humiliation if they’re getting pulled out of class but having the freedom to wear what you want is more important.

    • Great article, Anika! I really enjoyed how you highlighted the struggles that dress codes bring to women. Based on your post, I think you would find this article (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/real-impact-school-dress-codes) interesting. I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Anika I think you did an amazing job on the topic of uniforms. I really like that you provided the history behind the dress code and I found it very interesting. I found a source on the pros and cons on uniforms and I believe it will be very useful to your research. Great job Anika!

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