• Hi Rohan, I completely agree with your piece of writing. You tied your information together with certain parts of your book, and it flows really well together. I can relate to the correlation to realizing things after you read your book and it was very interesting reading your thoughts on different sections of your book.

  • Crossover is a book written by Kwame Alexander in hopes of getting a very specific point across. One that will stay with you forever and that will really make an impact on how you go about your daily life.

    • Hello Ava. This was very interesting and I completely agree. I think that as we grow older our parents stop affecting us quite as much, and we start to develop our own thoughts which can create conflict. An article I read said “while young children emulate their parents early on, adolescents and adults who recognize negative behavior can manage the influence your parents had on you.” https://www.businessinsider.com/problematic-parenting-leads-mental-health-issues-in-adulthood-2019-9. It is an interesting concept for sure.

    • Ava, I enjoyed reading your piece. I agree that parents do have a big impact on your idea of culture, but also your values. I had never thought of the fact that as children, we want to make our parents happy and our childhood is where our values develop. As you stated, I think it’s important to recognize our parent’s influence on us more and appreciate what they’ve done for us. Your book sounds very interesting and I would like to read it.

  • Hi Catherine!
    I strongly agree with your response regarding diversity in America, and continue to think that the diversity will get even better throughout the years. “Most Americans say having a population that is racially and ethnically mixed enhances U.S cultures,” said an article titled Americans See Advantages and Challenges in Country’s…[Read more]

  • Your American values and beliefs come from the way you were raised as a child and form from certain things your family members believe in and what you inherited from them. The way of life and how people think

    • Ava, I enjoyed reading your response. Although I do agree that family plays an important role, I think that once off on your own, many people change their beliefs because their perspective changes in a new environment. Many people who have moved out, away from their parent’s influence, acquire completely new opinions. I do like that you mention your family gives you a foundation, because you may change your mind, but certain pieces of your original foundation will always be there.

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