• AvaJudge
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  • @AvaJudge
  • December 6, 2021

John, I think your view on this subject is completly true and a very good topic to bring up espicially in the age of social media itself. Your article is very well written and the facts supporting this subject just further the point that too much social media is...

Coral Reefs View Comment
  • @AvaJudge
  • December 6, 2021

James, thank you for sharing a post on this detrimental issue. With the slow-going extinction of Coral reefs, this topic is often overlooked but is nonetheless one of the most prominent issues our climate faces today. In your article when you said that "The world lost about 14 percent...

Hi Monica, I found your article to be very interesting and a whole new view point I had never even considered. I had no idea that Day light savings stemmed from WW1 and find that to be crazy. I especially found it interesting when you said that the main...

Save the Earth. View Comment
  • @AvaJudge
  • November 17, 2021

Atticus, I found your article to be very necessary and thought provoking. This topic is extremely important in todays world and lots of people are not as educated about it as they should be. You brought up a great point when saying "Almost anything can be recycled including plastics,...

Zoe, I find your topic to be extremely important and relevant with all the competitive sports being played right now. Having had four concussions myself, your topic really resonates with me. When you talked about teens being more at risk for concussions in shorter periods of time and not...

Good in the world View Comment
  • @AvaJudge
  • October 20, 2021

Brecklyn, Thank you for sharing this truly inspiring story. Positive affirmations in classrooms is truly an underestimated tool. Quotes such as ' " I am smart", and "I am a good person" " are some of the most simple things that can be said but have the most lasting...

Olivia, I found your article very easy to read and very interesting. I never knew that "Trader Joe’s chooses to hire a crew of a similar personality type" but it makes sense. This reminds me a lot of Chic-fil-a with how nice all the workers are. Trader joes is...

I found this article fascinating Andrea. When you said that "in sports psychology has proven that practicing positive self-talk can improve an athlete’s performance"  I found this easy to resignate with and a great reminder as an athlete. With state coming up for my tennis season I find myself...

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