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    A Shadow In The Ember

    A Shadow In The Ember by #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentount is a captivating example of world-building and a must-read for fantasy lovers. This story was written as a prequel for the Blood and Ash...

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    • This is my favorite book series at the moment, and this book is amazing! I was worried it wouldn’t be as good because it had different characters, but you did a great job describing how the strong female characters and mystery makes this book just as incredible as the rest.

    • I love this book series, and I look forward to reading this book as well. You wrote a very good description of this book and made me want to read it even more!

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    John, I think your view on this subject is completly true and a very good topic to bring up espicially in the age of social media itself. Your article is very well written and the facts supporting this subject just further the point that too much social media is unhealthy for anyone. When you said that ”  They found that female teens especially go…Read More

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    James, thank you for sharing a post on this detrimental issue. With the slow-going extinction of Coral reefs, this topic is often overlooked but is nonetheless one of the most prominent issues our climate faces today. In your article when you said that “The world lost about 14 percent of its total amount of coral reefs.” I had absolutely no idea…Read More

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    Zoos do more harm than good

    Humans have been displaying animals for entertainment for thousands of years. Zoos are overall great for people; being up close with creatures from all over the world that you’d normally never get to see. But when it comes to...

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    • Dear Ava, I am amazed by your post ”Zoos Do More Harm than Good” because it notifies the public about the reality of zoos. It shows negatives to zoos and how the initial purpose is to educate the public about the animals.

      These animals are suffering due to our actions, they are not meant to be kept in captivity or for our entertainment, they should be free to live their own lives. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, ” Along with this the stress and under-stimulation that animals have been put under causes “self-destructive behavior” such as pacing, walking in tight circles, rocking, swaying, or self-mutilation.” I think this is very eye-opening to the audience and it makes them realize that not everything is colorful and fun.

      Thanks for your writing. great job on providing facts to your opinion on why the zoos cause so much harm.

    • Hey Ava, I really enjoyed your post! I found that my mind was boggled by the fact that there enclosures are often 100 times smaller than their natural habitat. Imagine if your house was 100 times small it would be a living nightmare.
      Personally I stopped going to zoos because I believe that they are a horrible places.
      I found that I slightly disagreed with your statement “Though some zoos work on animal conservation, rehabilitation, and education, they are few and far between.” I believe that if a zoo really believed in conservation they should keep animals in there natural habitats and protect them there in the wild.
      Great job!

    • Dear Ava:

      I am impressed by your post, “Zoos do more harm than good,” because it is wrong how humans have been displaying animals for entertainment for thousands of years. I think it’s wrong because when it comes to animals, more harm is caused to them than good.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “There is more bad than good in zoos all over the world.” I think this is sad because on average the zoos are 100 times smaller than the minimum home range for animals in their natural habitats” and along with this the stress and under-stimulation that animals have been put under causes self-destructive behavior.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.


    • Hello Ava! I impressed by your post. I liked how you said “Zoos do more harm than good”, because Zoos are good only for people not animals, because they have to live in 100 times smaller environment than in their natural habitats . Thank you for your post!

    • Dear Ava,

      I am impressed by your post; ¨Zoos do more harm than good”because it is impressive that people get impressed when they see the animals at the zoo but the animals feel like they’re in harm because they are always around people.

      One sentence that stood out to me was ¨ But when it comes to the animals, more harm is caused to them than good. These establishments should be eradicated or have different standards set for the wellbeing of the animals.” I think this is impressive because they are thinking about the animals and how they feel.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

      -Jonathan Alcantar

    • Dear Ava, 
      I was very intrigued by your post “Zoos do more harm than good” because i completely agree with the fact that it is very fun and entertaining for us as humans to go and see these animals, but we never think about the animals themselves. I believe that animals belong in their natural habitat and that they shouldn’t be kept in cages in captivity. 

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was Zoos are not meant for the safety and care of animals but they are rather prisons denying freedom and fair treatment to these animals.” This sentence specifically stood out to me because I do believe that zoos arent to help these animals but instead to have them for a show, which again is for human entertainment. Don’t get me wrong I love going to the zoo but when I see how small their cages are it breaks my heart. I believe that instead of having zoos for the show we should have care treatment centers for the wild animals that actually need help and if the animals do not need any treatment done they should be set free because by capturing these wild animals we are hurting the future of these animals as well. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you seem to have good and interesting topics to write about. I think many times humans don’t realize how harmful it can be for animals. Do you think there is a way to show them that?

      Sincerely, Kimberly

  • Hi Monica, I found your article to be very interesting and a whole new view point I had never even considered. I had no idea that Day light savings stemmed from WW1 and find that to be crazy. I especially found it interesting when you said that the main reason behind this was to “save fuel for World War I.” If you are interested in this topic I…Read More

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