• Hi Adam! I loved your poem I could really picture myself laying under the stars on a summer night with no worries in the world. I really liked the cover photo it goes perfectly with your poem.

  • Hi Ariel! I loved your poem the words were very easy to picture and I love this cover photo it goes along perfectly with your poem.

  • Hey Thomas! I really liked your introduction to the start of your essay. It was really unique to hear everyone’s different opinions on what they believed in and it was cool to hear all the different voices. I have to agree with you that friendship is the most important thing. I know I personally rely on my friends for everything. They are the…[Read more]

  • Autumn commented on the post, Fate 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Abdullah! I agreed with your fate essay. I too believe that fate is not just brought on you, that you have to work to get a dream, and even if you work hard to get what you want things can change. I know what it is like to have setbacks. I even have two close friends who had setbacks in their lives that stopped them from what they enjoyed…[Read more]

  • Seventeen

    Long light brown hair,

    and big dark brown eyes,

    with a huge smile to match.

    I was seventeen. Carefree

    and as happy as I could be.

    I was seventeen. I

    stand there looking deep

    into his intriguing

  • I am Athletic 

    I am athletic

    do not restrain my body


    my legs yearn to stretch out in front of me

    my feet beg to catch me as I almost fall

    and my heart thrives when it is overworking

                   do n

    • Autumn,
      I relate to this poem. Running is my passion too, and without it, I am less happy and less healthy. When I can’t run, I’m not as good a person as when I do run. Good work sticking to the format! I appreciated this poem.

  • I love your poem. I loved all the descriptive words you had I could really picture this and I really liked learning about your past. My favorite line was “I am from the missing pew at the back of the church where sunday mornings were spent on the soccer field,” it was very strong.

  • Autumn commented on the post, Hugs 3 years, 4 months ago

    I really like this piece. It puts hugs into a different perspective. I’m not the type to really hug but reading this makes me rethink it. I loved the ending as well it was very cute.

  • I think your question is a very good question. Everyone will have different opinions but I personally think the more love the better. I think we should all love as many people as possible. We all need to feel loved.

  • Autumn commented on the post, Don't Leaf Me 3 years, 4 months ago

    This poem is so cute. I could picture everything you said of the leaf wanting to leave the tree and the tree still being protective. I really enjoyed your idea of a parent to child with a tree and leaf.

  • I am from ripped old blue jeans, from dirt and hard work.
    I am from the big red barn.
    I am from the crown of thorns, the rose bush.
    I am from the Christmas parties and cheerful holiday spirit, from Roger and

    • Hello Autumn
      I really enjoyed reading your poem. I thought that the picture you choose was perfect. My favorite lines from the poem was “From the wisps of air that your long hair catches of lingering lost memories of ghosts sharing their secrets while you ride away into the fading sunset.” When I read this I was able to picture this exact seen. I picture someone riding on those horses in the picture. Great poem!

    • Autumn, I really enjoyed your piece of writing and thank you for sharing it with the world. Your poem was visually apparent to me as every phrase of your piece made me feel like I was in your shoes. Thanks!

    • Hey Autumn!

      I loved reading your poem! Each line gave me a different image, and I could see the little girl helping grandma cooking, or the scene of little Italy and the pasta. I especially liked your last line, it was so powerful and provided great imagery.


    • Dear autumn i am inspired by your poem. It is a very good poem you really described your life very good.

    • Hi Autumn,
      I really enjoyed your piece because it tells me a lot about you. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Hello Autumn,
      I liked the vivid detail and the serenity and simplicity of your life story that you showed in this poem.

    • Autumn,

      Thank you for sharing your poem here on Youth Voices. I really appreciate the imagery you used. It was strong enough that I could picture in my mind’s eye what you were writing about very clearly. I enjoyed reading your work. Thanks!

    • Hi Autumn,

      I really enjoyed your poem! It has great descriptive writing and really allowed me to picture the things you wrote about. Your poem taught me about you and was very fun to read.

    • Super talented piece. I reflected on my own upbringing while reading your piece and was really drawn into the reading. I could really visually the never ending pews and almost tasted the garlic bread, keep it up!

  • Autumn commented on the post, Being Dead 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Kevin,
    This book sounds really interesting. I like books that are so intense it is hard to put them down. I too get paranoid that someone is following behind me. Everytime I go to my car at night I run to it and jump into my car because I am scared someone could also be under my car. I also run up stairs from my basement and never stay down…[Read more]

  • Hello Skylar,
    I find it interesting that McDonald’s, as well as other popular fast food places are starting to make healthier options. I have to agree with you though, on how do we know if they are truly making things all that much healthier. I personally almost never go to a fast food restaurant, as I always feel gross after eating at them. I…[Read more]

  • Hello Juray,
    I really found it fascinating how you posted about your daily routine. It is interesting to see how others get ready for school in the morning and how their days go. You are definitely not the only one who wakes up at the last possible moment. I don’t skip breakfast but I do wake up extremely late, so that I barely make it to school…[Read more]

  • Hi Tala,
    I loved your poem and how you rhymed at the end of each line in different patterns. I also loved your theme, it really relates to me as I am preparing to go off to college and my mother sounds just like the mom in this poem. She still wants me to be her little girl and I keep telling her it’s time to let me go out and experience things on my own.

  • Hi Rocky,
    I really enjoyed your poem. I love these style of poems as you get to learn about the author’s past. I really liked your last line of “I am from me..,” it was a really cool way for you to end it.

  • Ajonea,
    I love your poem! It is really unique and I could really picture this girl you were writing about. You’ve left me now wanting to know what did this girl wrong and what made her so sharp?

  • Hi Malia,
    I found this article very interesting as I personally don’t have a lot of self confidence. I was bullied at a young age which I believe has affected me greatly. I find it funny how true it is that just wearing materialistic things can make us feel so much more confident. I personally see myself have stronger days of confidence when I…[Read more]

  • Hi Anna! This is a very interesting topic to me as I have recently started to try to eat healthier. I go to my local tropical smoothie place and have healthy smoothies with kale or spinach, and many different fruits I had never heard of. It is really interesting to me to learn about all the different health benefits that all the fruits and…[Read more]

  • Aww this story is so cute. I like the fun names, and the difference between the two brothers, on one being sweet and the other being sour. I also like the ending that Mike laughed along with the fact he got pranked instead of getting angry.

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