• Dear Leaders of America,

    I realize that it is hard to take strong stances sometimes especially on heated subjects. However, this occurrence and this issue should not be this way your stances should be firm and

    • Hello, Aurora!

      I think that most people would (and should) agree with your letter.
      The first two sentences did a really nice job introducing your letter. They stood out for me because I think that we can directly relate these two sentences to the POTUS. After Charlottesville, Trump neglected to take a strong and clear stance. I think that this was what he felt safe with because it protected him from criticizing his base support group. However, he was largely criticized by many other leaders and the public because he did not denounce hate groups that have the ability and the want to cause trouble or dangerous situations for anyone that they do not respect.
      If POTUS will not take a strong, firm, and clear position on issues that disrupt our country’s strive for harmony, then we must look to other leaders.

    • Hey Aurora,

      This letter spoke to me in so many ways. As a African-American female I have several concerns and fears for this country and I feel as though you spoke on the issues very well. It does not matter what our individual beliefs are, as a country I believe we should all be able to come together and agree this tragedy is far from right. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Freedom of speech needs to be understood as the right of SAYING what you want instead of DOING what you want to each other. On top of that, the individuals that are supposed to be the leaders of America is having obvious troubles with leading by example, so who are we supposed to look up to for actual leadership? I, personally, just want justice and people that have this country’s best interest in mind.

    • Reyna replied 2 weeks ago

      Love Love Love what you said.You spoke with power and you spoke bny heart. I totally agree with what you said because I feel the same. I know that it’s freedom of speech but it shouldn’t because it hurts us.

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