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  • @atticus Hi Atticus, I tried to help with your citations in this discussion post, but I was unable to find two of them. Can you, please, add the two citations that are missing?


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    I believe that Earth is becoming extremely overpopulated, and due to that, we  will experience many issues in the future such as pollution, running out of natural resources. The only way to solve this issue is to educate people...

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  • Andrea,
    As an athlete myself, I 100% agree with this post. Having a positive attitude is vital to a good performance.

  • Maritza,
    I enjoy the opinions you’ve shared on your post “Computational Thinkers NOT Robots”. I especially liked the various examples from Scratch that you’ve provided. I personally used scratch from 6th-9th grade for various projects, and I completely agree that it teaches young kids how to problem solve, but furthermore I believe that it a…Read More

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    Save the Earth.

    Earth is a beautiful place full of mountains, rivers, oceans, and vast diverse species of wildlife. However, many of our common practices destroy our planet and cause it great harm. Global warming is becoming a huge issue, and many...

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    • Atticus I found your post to be a good post to read. I do agree with what you are saying about how we do need to save the earth. A quote that I liked from the post is “landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, accounting for approximately 15.1 percent of these emissions in 2019” In oceanography, the class watched a movie about how we are losing most of the world’s corals here is the link to the movie: I hope this movie gives you more information about saving the earth. here is an article that I read about saving the earth is
       this article talks more information about how we can save the earth. I hope this helps you get more information about saving the earth. I am looking forward to seeing what you write in the future because you write a lot of good things about saving the earth. thank you.

    • Atticus, I found this article about the environment very interesting and eye opening. I was aware that recycling made a difference for the environment but wasn’t aware how signicent it was. I can’t wait to see your future articles about the environment.

    • Atticus, I found your article to be very necessary and thought provoking. This topic is extremely important in todays world and lots of people are not as educated about it as they should be. You brought up a great point when saying “Almost anything can be recycled including plastics, glass, cardboard, metal, paper, wood, and countless others.” This is a very important thing and I had no idea that wood could be recycled. If you are interested in recycling and more about the climate I suggest you read this article by Boulder ( Thank you for bringing up and writing about this topic, I look forward to reading your work in the future.


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Save the Earth.

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