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    Hello Cesario, I think we should have the freedom to use the internet instead of getting charged to do so. In fact most people in the U.S. nowadays use the internet and once net neutrality is put to an end there are going to be series of events in order to gain net neutrality once more. Do you see net neutrality as a good thing or a bad thing if…[Read more]

  • Hello Jose, I liked how you explained all the bad consequences that come with pollution and briefly break down all the little things that happen to us humans, the environment and the other living organisms. But my question is that do you think in your own opinion as of how pollution is right now do you think it will get worse or if it is going to…[Read more]

  • I very much agree there should be a professional soccer team to represent Oakland and I also agree that it will bring the sports out of most Oakland citizens and can bring joy and better well being for people who live in this city.

  • Soccer is also one of my by far favorite sports and watching these UEFA games are such a great experience if your a player yourself because it helps you see how players play and that way you can see what you need to better in and what you have improved and how you can adapt to their playstyle. This is a very great article.

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