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    Its to show the main reasons why I feel that war is a bad thing. These three reasons might be what everybody else things its just what I think.

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    I think this shows that thousands of people each day are being killed for no clear reason at all. Countries are being bombed and innocent people are being killed. The killings

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    I think “War” is a very important topic because there is no point of fighting other people when you don’t even have respect for your people. I care about the bombing of these different

  • This a good topic and I like how you explained what a newcomer was. Are you just talking about the newcomers only at Fremont? Do you think that only newcomers should get 1 on 1 help? Your solution is good but explain it to us more on how this could actually be changed.

  • Your argument is very clear and you have a good thesis to start it off. When reading your work I just wanted to know is it all social media that you are talking about or just a certain one? Not only kids use the internet is a negative way because adults also have a negative effect on social media. With your solution can you talk more about…[Read more]

  • I like the fact that you made a video so people can see how African Americans “Blacks” or just people of color feel about the law enforcement. Everybody had different answers but they connected to each other in a way. This was a good start to the problem! I feel like you should write about how the police fears any other race but their own. Talk…[Read more]

  • Good start! I think talking about you personal would be good so the readers will get to know why this is so important to you. I like the concept because gang violence in oakland is high in the last year Oakland has lost a lot of young kids taken to young. Do you think your solution could actually stop gang violence completely? From reading the…[Read more]

  • This is a major issue to be looking and you have a good start to a solution. Women have never been looked at the same as man since forever so why do you think this issue will change? I think that your idea for protesting is good but why protest at the places you said?



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    The topic of my 30-second hook was about the percentage of students who skip school every day. I was trying to tell people why this might be important.

    I re

    • Dear Athsia:

      I agree with your post, “hook your audience” because I agree with your statment about how lots of students skip school and this is not right. Your vedio was very good and good job hooook in g you your audience.

    • Dear Athsia,
      I agree with you that many kids skip school. I believe that adults should try finding new ways to make students go to school. I think many kids might not go to school because they might have to go to work. They might not want to learn or they might just not care about education. I believe they should get the education that they need because they could get homeschooled or they could try some other way. Without education they would not be able to have a successful career. For me I’d rather go to school so that i could have a better career.

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    It was an easy process. That’s why I picked it. I emailed them my poem, and I’m just waiting for them to comment back and then

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    Starting off you know that she is talking about being into sports and she is athletic person. A girl from down south a friendly good soul. Likes to just spend time playing games and staying home.

  • The first video I watched was Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentation(https://nowcomment.com/documents/76695) then I watched TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking(https://nowcomment.com/documents/76698).

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    In my comic, I wanted to show Othello and Desdemona at the end of Act 4 when Othello slaps Desdemona. It was not difficult for me to create this comic because I followed the

  • Quote: “ ‘Tis true; there’s magic in the web of it. A sibyl, that had numbered in the world The sum to course two hundred compasses, In her prophetic fury sew’d the work; The worms were hallow’d that did breed the

  • The play that I used was Othello and I used  Act 4, Scene 2, Lines 15-20. The character that I was playing was Emilia. I learned that I need to take my time to get the readers or listeners to understand the t

  •  Why study shakespeare

                                                         By: Athsia Ramsey

    According to Why Study Shakespeare Today , people still study shakespeare because it is a good why for studen

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