• A. Application in Agriculture

    B. I chose this application because this has to do with food and crops that people are eating. I think this is important because because people deserve to know the things that are

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    This is a serious topic because many people get hurt because  of the things they use and do in war. Many lives are taken and young kids die. Not everybody actually believes that war is the right thing to go. W

  • At first I did not really have a understanding of what Genetic Engineering was but after the watching  Introduction to Genetic Engineering I have a better understanding then I had before. I know that many tools ar

    • This is great I felt exactly the same way. Before i actually researched genetic engineering I had no clue of what it is was,but after researching I had a better understanding. I really like when you said “My gut reaction to watching the videos is that it’s awesome that you can do so many things with the DNA of humans and food anything. Technology is important because many things can come from using different tools and materials”.The video really did open doors in my mind on the idea of genetic cloning being a big part of the future.

    • We both thought the same when we had to think about what it was. I did not know if it could be possible to do Genetic Engineering. Do you know what they put when they do Genetic Engineering the video help a lot and got a better understanding of Genetic Engineering.

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    Its to show the main reasons why I feel that war is a bad thing. These three reasons might be what everybody else things its just what I think.

  • Athsia wrote a new post, Syria Bombing 2 years ago

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    I think this shows that thousands of people each day are being killed for no clear reason at all. Countries are being bombed and innocent people are being killed. The killings

  • Athsia wrote a new post, Anti-War 2 years ago

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    I think “War” is a very important topic because there is no point of fighting other people when you don’t even have respect for your people. I care about the bombing of these different

  • This a good topic and I like how you explained what a newcomer was. Are you just talking about the newcomers only at Fremont? Do you think that only newcomers should get 1 on 1 help? Your solution is good but explain it to us more on how this could actually be changed.

  • Your argument is very clear and you have a good thesis to start it off. When reading your work I just wanted to know is it all social media that you are talking about or just a certain one? Not only kids use the internet is a negative way because adults also have a negative effect on social media. With your solution can you talk more about…[Read more]

  • I like the fact that you made a video so people can see how African Americans “Blacks” or just people of color feel about the law enforcement. Everybody had different answers but they connected to each other in a way. This was a good start to the problem! I feel like you should write about how the police fears any other race but their own. Talk…[Read more]

  • Good start! I think talking about you personal would be good so the readers will get to know why this is so important to you. I like the concept because gang violence in oakland is high in the last year Oakland has lost a lot of young kids taken to young. Do you think your solution could actually stop gang violence completely? From reading the…[Read more]

  • This is a major issue to be looking and you have a good start to a solution. Women have never been looked at the same as man since forever so why do you think this issue will change? I think that your idea for protesting is good but why protest at the places you said?



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    The topic of my 30-second hook was about the percentage of students who skip school every day. I was trying to tell people why this might be important.

    I re

    • Dear Athsia,
      I agree with you that many kids skip school. I believe that adults should try finding new ways to make students go to school. I think many kids might not go to school because they might have to go to work. They might not want to learn or they might just not care about education. I believe they should get the education that they need because they could get homeschooled or they could try some other way. Without education they would not be able to have a successful career. For me I’d rather go to school so that i could have a better career.

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    It was an easy process. That’s why I picked it. I emailed them my poem, and I’m just waiting for them to comment back and then

  • Starting off you know that she is talking about being into sports and she is athletic person. A girl from down south a friendly good soul. Likes to just spend time playing games and staying home.

  • The first video I watched was Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentation(https://nowcomment.com/documents/76695) then I watched TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking(https://nowcomment.com/documents/76698).

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    In my comic, I wanted to show Othello and Desdemona at the end of Act 4 when Othello slaps Desdemona. It was not difficult for me to create this comic because I followed the

  • Quote: “ ‘Tis true; there’s magic in the web of it. A sibyl, that had numbered in the world The sum to course two hundred compasses, In her prophetic fury sew’d the work; The worms were hallow’d that did breed the

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