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    Unsophisticated Love

    Influenced by the Lyric “Unsophisticated Love” by Matt Burton


    Messes with my feelings, but I’m down for the ride.

    Hot bodies pile in,

    The engines ignites,

    Music connects and gears

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    I thought it was interesting when you quoted, “people who chose to be pissed off actually showed a greater sense of well-being overall than the people who avoided feelings of unpleasantness,” because I see how positive impact in letting that negative energy out. I was apart of the population that assumed that those who listened to hea…[Read more]

  • Thomas, when you mentioned Utah’s geography being a bowl shape causing the bad air to stay was very interesting. In the future, maybe elaborate on how we can reduce this and go into the science behind the inversions. Last year I went to a clean air rally at the capital and it was cool to speak out for something that was important to me. I know…[Read more]

  • Jasmine,
    I enjoyed reading your post and agree that this is an issue. Taking a knee is a peaceful protest and practices our Amendment of freedom of speech and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I thought it was interesting when you brought up a former coach “feels that everyone has the right to protest but if you’re a professional athlete, y…[Read more]

  • Paola,
    Your post is really inspiring, especially when you said, “that shows how much I’m proud to be who I am” because you are not afraid to be yourself and often times people are scared to be unique. Also, I think it’s important that you’re not letting stereotypes dictate who you are. I can relate to you in that I want to be successful and I w…[Read more]

  • Money, Happiness, Freedom, Peace are frequently mentioned when you are asked, “What do you most desire in life”, and I often ask myself “Where does that feeling come from?”  Desires provide a motivational force in

  • Sam, this was a well- written post. I really liked the line where you said “we are wasting the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of decades of people’s lives that all worked so that we could be here today,” because you are absolutely right and I have never thought of it that way. Also, I enjoyed your wording of calling Americans “dreamers.” I…[Read more]

  • Moiranda,
    I think it was a great idea to put a survey in as your research, as you are doing your own research. I think that sexism still does exist, especially, in the workplace. Here is an article by Business Insider that discusses the wage gap between men and women.…[Read more]

  • Matthew,
    I agree with how easy it is to get mixed but on the internet and how the consequences of careless clicking can affect you. Identity theft and cyber bullying are serious problems. Your advice on how to stay safe online was really helpful. I think it would be beneficial to include more ways to protect your privacy and this will surely…[Read more]

  • Tyler, I would like to start off by saying your word choice was very unique and that is what enticed me to read your post. I agree that without curiosity, exploration would be impossible. You mainly talked about exploring through knowledge and I think this could be a stronger piece if you talked about the act of physically exploring. So, my…[Read more]

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    Maggie, I enjoyed reading your post because I have often wondered if there is a parallel universe out there like I have seen in TV shows. I found the concept, “cold spot,” wild due to the fact that NASA has observed this and it has been there since the beginning of time. You did a wonderful job at explaining your complicated information, where I…[Read more]

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    If humans disappeared, our footprints would slowly diminish.  Buildings would slowly crumble, nature would take over and become fruitful.  Animals would take our place as keepers of the land and would fight over t

    • First off, I’d like to say I really like your article and discussion of topic. I’ve never truly asked myself this question because I’ve always excepted my existence to be human and live as a human. I find it very strange how lights would be the first thing to disappear. Do you think the human race could regenerate even with other mammals taking over? I found this article on the internet I think you’d like. (https://phys.org/news/2010-06-humans-extinct-years-eminent-scientist.html) It talks about how humans could disappear in 100 years!! This idea is very crazy to me. Let’s talk again soon 😉

    • Zach replied 2 months ago

      First of all, this is a very interesting topic of choice. I once read that there is only one species that should they disappear, the world of nature would actually improve, and that is humans (https://travelversed.co/travel-talk/20-things-that-would-happen-if-humans-disappeared-from-earth-overnight/). I like how you mentioned that nature would take over and become fruitful, because it’s sad that we are inhibiting the planet as opposed to improving it. Thanks for this fruit for thought; I will look forward to your next post.

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