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When everything’s wrong!

So far, the themes in 12 again reminds me of something I saw. In this text she needs help when the only thing she wanted before is  to know nothing of her life and return to the past. But right know she just wants help to return to her real life. She needs ingredients but her son his going to […]

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The ingredient to return to my real life

So far, the plot in 12 again reminds me of a movie I saw that she had a wish list so that when she fulfilled 16 those wishes, they would come true. In this text this girl didn’t have a list but drinking something she returned to her 12. Also she wants to return to her real life but in […]

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The Time Machine

So far, the plot in 12 again reminds me of another text. In The Time Machine, is a book where there is a machine that goes to the past but when the people go to the past it just goes to the place they want, and in the text I’m reading this is similar because this woman that go to […]

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Appreciate It !

So far, the characters in “12 again” reminds me of something I saw. One day when I was with my cousin she was always fighting with her parents. She always discussed with them and wished that she would be 10 again. She was 19 but everything was so difficult for her, she needed to do everything in house because her […]

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The Past in a marriage !

So far , the character  in 12 again reminds me of another movie. In The Time Traveler’s Wife, what is about a young woman that was going to get married, bot was not hundred percent sure. This text to this movie is similar because its about two persons that are not sure of their marriage, the reason is that they […]

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The Past Is Discover

So far the plot in 12 again reminds me of something I experienced. Patrick McBride can solve the mystery brewing in his Long Island neighborhood. His mother has vanished. He has repeatedly tried to email her because he knows she took her laptop computer with her, but she’s not responding. Unless he can get her back, he faces a life […]

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