• Dear Sofia:

    I am excited with your post, “The smallest being in the world but the big in the heart,” because this actions happen a lot. Our parents try to found us a husband or a wife but depending the social class. We need to stop that this is not good for us.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “So far central idea in “ El…[Read more]

  • So far, the characters in “12 again” reminds me of something I saw. One day when I was with my cousin she was always fighting with her parents. She always discussed with them and wished that she would be 10 aga

    • Ashley, this sounds like a super interesting book! Isn’t weird how when we’re young, we want to be older and when we’re old, we want to be younger? I also liked your ending line of “appreciating our parents.” That’s really true. I don’t think enough of us show our parents gratitude. This book so far reminds me of the movie “13 Going on 30.” This teen girl becomes a 30 year old woman and has to understand that being old isn’t everything in life. I’d really recommend the movie!

  • So far , the character  in 12 again reminds me of another movie. In The Time Traveler’s Wife, what is about a young woman that was going to get married, bot was not hundred percent sure. This text to this movie

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    Dear Emily:
    I am so interested with your poem, Broken Girl, because this types of poems identifies us women. This is what the major of us live in this life, for us is difficult express our feelings and we store them in us.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “She remembers the last time she cried,She remembers it like it was y…[Read more]

  • So far the plot in 12 again reminds me of something I experienced. Patrick McBride can solve the mystery brewing in his Long Island neighborhood. His mother has vanished. He has repeatedly tried to email her

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