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Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Foods a Good Idea?

According to “Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Food a Good Idea?” (Upfront), there is a debate regarding the proper way of combating obesity. A popular idea proposed by public health officials is the placement of warning labels on foods that contain high levels of sugar, salt, or fat. One side argues that the placement of these labels will discourage unhealthy […]

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Elimination of the Penny

In the article, Is It Time to Eliminate the Penny? (UpFront), it dives into the debate whether we should keep the penny or not, concerns about the production and overall worth of the one-cent coin rise. On the side that argues against the penny, their concerns lie with the government losing money due to spending more to produce a coin […]

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Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?

In the article, ¨Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?” on Upfront (login required), we get two perspectives regarding daylight saving time (DST). Those who believe we should stop changing the clocks have high concerns about the negative effects that come after changing the clocks, even if it’s just two times a year. However, those who believe we should not stop […]

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Anti-drunk driving vehicles?

In the article, ¨Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?¨ by McGraw Hill we are informed of the upcoming technology being created to combat drunk driving. In the near future, it seems that there will be developed monitoring systems in cars. Although it is not currently clear which monitor system they will use, the end goal remains the same and will pull […]

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A trip to space

In the article, “YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space Travel” (McGraw Hill) there was a group of four civilians who had the opportunity to orbit the earth. As exciting as it sounds, some civilians are now able to take part in space travel. Although, in order to travel you’d have to go through extensive training, spend a great amount of money, and […]

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Monitoring for safety or violating freedom of speech?

What boundaries should schools set on their students’ actions outside of school or should they be able to even do so at all? Brandi Levy was faced with this problem four years ago after uploading a post expressing her frustration due to not making the cheerleading team. Even though the post was fairly inappropriate, there were no targeted groups or […]

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