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  • Dear Fernando,

    I am intrigued by your post, ¨High School Stress¨ because it seems as if more than ever teenagers are willing to sacrifice their overall well-being if it meant they could receive a good grade. The system tends to prioritize grades over mental health so it’s relieving that you brought this topic up.

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    Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Foods a Good Idea?

    According to "Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Food a Good Idea?" (Upfront), there is a debate regarding the proper way of combating obesity. A popular idea proposed by public health officials is the placement of warning labels on foods...

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  • Hello Gabriel!

    Thank you so much for your input. I didn´t consider most of what you mentioned, it gave me another perspective. The points you made were valid and realistic… It seems like you have put much thought into this, would you be interested in traveling into space, or is it just an interest?

    Once again, thanks for the input!

  • Hi Sam!

    The wonder of space may indeed be ruined, but I feel as if the funding given by the ¨ultra-rich¨ would push us towards the advances. I guess one way or another we could benefit from this. Although, I would be envious of those who can actually take this opportunity. Would you like to travel space?

    Thanks for responding!

  • Ashley P commented on the post, Inspire

    Dear Laura,

    I am fascinated by your story, Inspire, because you were very straightforward with all the hardships you encountered and were not afraid to acknowledge how sometimes the lack of encouragement from teachers may impact us. It really makes the audience reflect and make connections to times they have also been in a similar situation.

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