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  • Ashley M commented on the post, Discrimination In LGBTQ+

    Dear Karen,

    My eyes really opened when reading your post, ¨Discrimination in LGBTQ+ because it´s definitely a bigger problem than it is made to be. It isn’t right that people are getting negative lash back just because they are expressing who they are. It´s already hard for people to show who they really are so the fact that they have to deal wi…Read More

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    The greatness of Martin Luther King Jr.

    In the article, “ Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” I learned about his legacy and how he had a national impact. The article begins with a bit of MLK’s background and what led him to become a powerful...

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  • Dear Fatima,

    I am shocked by your post, “Suffering from food insecurity” because of how many people have struggled with thisand that it continues to be a problem. It’s sad thinking about how there are people in the world that worry about whether or not they’ll have a meal or worry about if they’ll even be able to provide for their family.

    The…Read More

  • Dear Cristin,

    I am absorbed by your post, ¨My strong and weak points¨ because you acknowledge your weak and your strong points and how you can make them better and if not, even stronger. I like how you´re willing to become better and even look for ways to do so.

    One sentence that stood out to me was, ´How can I improve my empathy? Cha…Read More

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    Motivating College Athletes

    In the article, “College Athletes: To pay or not to pay”, it discusses how college athletes bring in recognition for their school as well as tons of money but make no profit whatsoever from their skills. It is argued...

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    • Hey Ashley!
      I completely agree with you. I believe that college athletes should be paid as well since they bring in a ton of money to the schools. Athletes in school are some of the hardest workers there are. Trying to balance school work, jobs, and workouts is very tough, especially at the elite level. I have a question when you say that them getting paid can be used as motivation to do what they love. I feel like sports should be something you love and that you don’t need something like money to be a form of motivation. I feel like it should be seen as more of a reward but nonetheless, I totally can see what you mean.
      Thanks for writing about this and I look forward to reading what you write next!

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The greatness of Martin Luther King Jr.

Motivating College Athletes

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