My poem talks about how it connects to Romeo and Juliet and we had to make connections to 2018. I ended up writing about love and violence. My poem talks about how love can be harsh and good. My poem talks a

    • Ashley,
      You did a great job with your poem it really stood out to me because I can see the connection to Romeo and Juliet. I really like the line where you said “But “money” is not the definition of love,” this stood out to me because a lot of people will use others for their advantage instead of actually wanting to be with them. One suggestion I would make is to watch out for your capitalization. Other than this I think your poem is really strong and you are an amazing writer good job.
      Thank You-Wendy 🙂

  •                                            My Shadow Box

                                       By:Ashley Mujica

    This shadow box represents my counter narrative and the dominant narrative that people think

    • Dear Ashley

      I am proud of your work because it looks like you added in a lot of detail in your box that means alot to you. One sentence you wrote that’s stood out for me is “For example, outside my box there’s popsicle sticks around the box. This identifies the border that Donald Trump is building. On top of the border, there’s a gun meaning that Mexicans are drug dealers and in gangs. Just because my race is being Mexican doesn’t mean I commit crimes and disobey the law” so this stood out to me I can agree with it many people assume people of colors just commit crime and are bad. Also how you said that Trump is keeping us in border and is oppressing us shows internalized oppression or ideological oppression because there oppressing a certain group.


      Janie Otero

    • Dear Ashley, I like your artist statement I think that is a very strong artists statement you said a lot in just one paragraph. Also I like your shadow box I like how you added pictures to it and I like how you added colors to your shadow box. Keep up the good work.

      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno 🙂

    • Dear Ashley

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Jonathan and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was how It showed a lot of family on the inside.
      Something I have a question about is how you won that medal that is displayed. Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is (blank at the moment).
      Thank You!

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