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    Free Speech Case

    In the article, ¨School Social Meda Free Speech Case (Mc Graw Hill) I learned that your principal can´t regulate what you post on social media from your home. Levy has experienced a suspicion from all cheerleading activities due to...

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  • Dear, Isabella
    I am interested in your post, ¨What Does Too Much Screen Time Do To Children´s Brains,¨ because children who have a screen cause multiple harmful effects. This causes them to lose interaction with others by being glued to the screen.
    One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me is ¨At a young age exposing your chi…Read More

  • Dear, Karen
    I am understanding about your post, ¨Discrimination In LGBTQ+ because people who are feeling comfortable about coming out are getting harassed and bullied by their decision. People should be supported by others and make them feel like they are like everyone else.
    One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, ¨…many p…Read More

  • Dear, Cristin
    I am understanding by your post, “My Strong and Weak Points” because you show both sides the weak moments and strong. You mention how you want to become better and looking for ways to overcome your moments.
    One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “How can I improve my empathy? Challenge myself, undertake challenging…Read More

  • Dear Mynor,
    I am interested in your post, “Why Leadership Skills are Important” because I am willing to get more educated on knowing the importance of leadership skills. Something that stood out to me about your post is how you used your own personal experiences on why you need leadership skills in your life. You talk about the importance of…Read More

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