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    How Bad is Stress?

    At some point, we are all stressed whether it be from work, school, or any other activities one must do. It can cause so many issues to one's health. There are even times where people have ended up in...

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    • Hi My Name is Ashley I agree but the stress came from the pandemic all the remote learning that students were doing and all the work that was given to us

  • Dear Tadeo, I fully agree with what you said in your post. My dad has lived in the united states for most of his life and still doesn’t know how to read, write, or speak English. It infuriates him whenever someone speaks to him in English and he has to ask us to translate for him. Recently he has asked me to teach him how to speak English and I…Read More

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    Dear Kiran, I have never related so much to a post before in my life. This pandemic has been an extremely scary rollercoaster. Just like you for most of the time, I thought about all the negatives instead of the positives when it came to talking about the pandemic. Then I realized that it’s more than that. There actual positives when it comes to…Read More

  • Dear Sam, I found your article very informative and interesting. The textbooks that we use in school, tells about how before people came to “Explore” these lands that we walk were owned by the Natives. It is great the Biden administration has finally decided to give land to its rightful owners. They will now have what was taken from their…Read More

  • Dear Selena, your post brought me great joy. Her music is still played to this day and everyone adores them. It amazes me how much Selena gave to the community of Mexican-Americans. She gave us the power to feel free and true to who we are. If any of her songs are played it gives me great joy how the people around me know every word to her songs.…Read More

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How Bad is Stress?

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