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    The Impact of Physical Activity During the Development Stage

    Growing up, I was always very active and involved in as many sports as I could possibly play. I played hockey, softball, golf, soccer, basketball, and even football. In more recent years, I have seen the significant impact playing...

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    • I really enjoyed your article “The Impact Of Physical Activity During The Developmental Stage” because I completely agree that it can be very beneficial. When a child is growing up often times they will struggle with self-esteem, confidence, stress, etc. Being involved in a sport can really aid in those areas as it gives a sense of involvement and creates an area where one can go to relieve stress. I also agree with you that too many sports at a young age can cause a child to burn out and not want to be involved in anything afterward. Overall, I think a good balance can be established to where sports can be beneficial during the developmental stages of a child.
      – Wendy

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    The Power of Language

    Language isn’t just about words, even if dictionaries state otherwise. Most of us communicate through words, yes, be that they are written, spoken, or signed. Still, most communication comprises facial expressions, physical cues, and ‘speaking’ with our eyes, also...

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    • Dear Ashley :
      I agree with your post, “The Power of Language,” because language has more to do with rather than just using words. There are different types of ways that we can use to communicate with others. A physical language is a form of language most known as body language and is commonly used by everyone.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “These means of communication are essential life skills vital for many things like relationships with others, careers, teams, and many more. ” I think this is crucially important because it shows how communication is essential for different parts of life.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because of the way your writing brings the inside working of your mind and they are seen as valuable.

    • I agree with your post. Language is much more than just words. It is a connection to all who know it. One sentence I liked was “Being able to communicate is one the most crucial life skills to learn.” I liked this sentence because language and connection is a requirement in the world today. Thank you for writing, Joey.

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    Empathy’s Effect on Single Stories

    Living life in a global pandemic is not easy for anyone, but there are some groups of people who have been affected more than others. Personally, I believe the current high school seniors and the graduating class before us...

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