• Protesting the National Anthem to shouldn’t be as serious as everyone has blew it up to be. Although, it is very essential to most people and athletes that are protesting, this really isn’t an effective way to app

    • Ashlei,
      I totally agree with what you are saying, especially since there are so many things that aren’t talked about in the media that need to be heard. I also think that fake news is another epidemic that is helping take our attention away from the important stuff. I found an article, http://www.collegian.psu.edu/opinion/columnists/article_72125d36-24a3-11e7-8ee3-3f093d504cf9.html, that talks about media and how it distracts from the real issues much like the Trojan Horse. I also think that the athletes could have voiced their dismay towards are president in a way that did’t upset so many people, and even possibly did something about it. Thank you for writing this and I hope to read more from you.

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