• Right now there are not enough test kits to evenly distribute, or just to create an accurate sample size to gather data. The tests we are using right now are ones that we send into a lab to retrieve the results,

  • From a study by James Ivory he has found no link between video games and violence. He went on to say “While 165 million Americans play video games, billions play them worldwide. Yet other countries do not c

    • Hi Asher, I agree with you that violent video games are just an easy excuse that people use to avoid talking about the more abundant causes for violence in today’s youth. An idea you had that I thought would help solve this conundrum was that parents should put more effort into controlling what video games and media their children are exposed to. I think this would work because it would remove the scapegoat of video games and let people talk about what other causes there are for people committing crimes.

  • Hello Branden
    Thank you for your post I think you bring a lot of important topics and points that people need to take note of. especially in countries outside of the U.S we might not care to look in further on a topic because of that, but if we don’t learn from others than we can’t grow without making those life changing mistakes. An article from…[Read more]

  • Hey Katie,
    I think that you make a good point but in my opinion Zoos do a lot more bad than good, and that they would be fine if proper steps are made to make the living for the animals better and how they get the animals better. I do agree they offer education and when the animals were ones that were injured and are now in living safer it is…[Read more]

  • Hey Alex,
    I think you bring a good point in your post that we are considered an adult and can fight but not not drink for another three years. I think it is important to keep in mind and that a brain isn’t developed by even 21 but at 25, an article from NY times makes a good agreement…[Read more]

  • Immigration and especially illegal immigration is a hot topic and is becoming seen more and more as a negative thing, but we don’t always see the benefits that we have been reaping from immigration. An article f

  • Hey Aliko
    I believe what you said about american culture, it is a country built off of others. and coming together to reach a greater goal. And it is very important that america has a constant cycle of new people coming and bringing new ideas.

  • I agree with your statement and that the drinking age should stay at 21 not 18, but I think it is important to look at other countries and their laws regarding drinking. a lot of countries have it from 16-18 and all have a much lower rate of drunk driving accidents and such. not saying thats what we should switch to just that it is important to…[Read more]

  • Testing on animals has been around and practiced for a long time now, it provides a way to find the results of a product or chemical and what it does to a body. It is also argued that it is morally wrong for us

  • hello Rachel
    This is a great story on how import family can be for us and that it’s hard to make the right choices when it means loosing someone for that.

  • Hello Matt
    I think that this makes a solid statement showing the importance of recycling and how it positively impacts our planet.

  • After a man accused another man of stealing his phone Richard Jones was arrested. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison and stuck to claiming that he is innocent. He was later released after inmates recognized

    • Hi Asher, I thought what you wrote about was really interesting. It’s extremely unfortunate that Richard had to serve time for a crime that he did not commit and I think that the resemblance between the two is shocking. His settlement of 1.1 million for being wrongly imprisoned is really good, but it’s still sad to see that the justice system fails to look at all the evidence being placed in front of them in situations such as this. The only thing that I think would have made what you wrote better would have been if you could find information about the phone and why the stealing of this phone was so important that someone was being jailed for it. Other than that great job and it was super interesting!

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