• just giving u some help i loved the essay but your date is messed up and says october of 2016

  • Hi, Jaymee, I think being aware of the bombings and why its happening is something lost on this generation and not known by the general public. I feel as if we are so desensitized on when other countries that’s not run by white people get attacked that the tragedy is just let go. Getting notified on why the bombings happen is very important so we…[Read more]

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    Hi Jason, I’m your secret writing pal. I agree with your stance on the issue and find this post to be very well written great job!

  • Thanks for sharing this piece with us it was really insightful and interesting because I’ve always admired the sport and found it amazing that young people can pursue such a high pressured sport. I dont understand why anyone would look down on such a intense and simply beautiful sport especially knowing the hardships athletes face on a daily basis!

  • very powerful and moving I love your style of writing in this poem and how everything fit together truly made speechless! I agree with the message in this and how women of our generation are being shamed for something they dont cause. I think its brave and inspiring you wrote about this.

  • I’m very excited to see this! As a person of the religion having to dispel myths constantly to people I didn’t think were ignorant for the past 17 years of my life I would personally be able to agree on being the most misunderstood and on so many subjects within the religion too.

  • Dear Mr. President,


    People ignore important issues daily but I think an idea we’re all avoiding in fear of it being real needs to be addressed this issue being climate change. We as Americans need to do ou

    • Asha, I totally agree with a lot of what you said including that we are avoiding something that needs to be addressed. I don’t know how we could prevent or limit climate change but I do think that it is an issue that needs to be talked about even if there is no definitive solution.

    • Asha, I love how you wrote about how people should consider climate change more seriously because I agree this issue is not something that should be ignored. As you mentioned in the letter, people definitely should step forward in preserving our Earth instead of making it even worse. Also, I think it’s a great idea to alert people about the consequences of climate change!

    • Asha, I totally agree with the idea that we should be more careful with our actions. I think that we should definitely take our actions more seriously because most of the things that we do, effect the earth in a positive or negative way.

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