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  • Anthony commented on the post, Teen Vaping

    I liked your take on the epidemic of the use of nicotine devices among teens. As a senior in high school, I feel like I have seen this problem pervade teens everywhere. There are so many excuses that I hear used, “just one more pod”, “just a little more juice”, “just one more hit”. Addiction is not a joke and it is most definitely not something to…Read More

  • Firstly, this is a very important topic and I’m glad that you brought attention to the epidemic of homelessness that has plagued our country. I think two important factors to be considered while speaking about homelessness should be considered as well – mental health and drug addiction. These two things often lead to homelessness and a large chunk…Read More

  • It is my belief that it is extremely important for the American people to do all we can to try to halt this epidemic. Opioid usage is a crisis and even though the 2019 Opioid Crisis Response Act was indeed a very important step towards coming up with a solution, the underlying problem still exists. I think that the relatively new practice of…Read More

  • Ever since the Roe v. Wade court case was introduced, the constitutionality of abortion has been a huge topic of debate in our country. I think the recognition of this issue is important and I agree with you when I say that the constitutional right of choice is even more important. In order to make sure that women are able to have the choice of…Read More


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