• Bleeding From Love

    By: Arlette Morales

    Something so powerful it can destroy any war.
    Something so powerful it can destroy one’s self.
    East Oakland,
    Where two households alike i

  • When people see me, they see a female that’s weak and that’s only good for serving men. They see a Mexican who robs and is illegal. When people see me, they see that I’m a gang member because I’m from Oakland

    • Dear Arlette,
      I really like the symbolism you used with the variety of objects. You did a really good job at explaining the picture of the eyes with the rose and the representation of the lights is really cool. One of my favorite things from this post was when you said “you see I’m a female but that doesn’t mean I’m weak” because I am also a latina and I know what it feels like to be portrayed as weak just because of my gender, this is a really cool post and great way to empower you and other girls who have to deal with those stereotypes. To further your thinking I would like to ask some questions, Do you think the dominant culture benefits from stereotyping others? Do you think there are good stereotypes? where do stereotypes come from?

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