• Jill, I agree that social media plays a significant role in connecting people of influence and the public. Do you think there are any larger scale benefits that easily accessible celebrity platforms could create? For example, creating awareness for important issues and political influences.

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    Amy, this is awesome! Ceramics is a really interesting form of art and it has contributed so much to human culture. Here is an article I think you would like: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/a-23-2009-09-08-voa1-83141757/129898.html

  • Yulisa, this is a very interesting and important topic. I think your comment that there is a collection of small issues that contribute to larger institutional issues is extremely accurate. American education has a lot of room for growth and I think commentary on it, such as this, is crucial to spreading awareness on the issues.

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    Social media is engineered to bolster existing opinions to the point of extremity. However, social media is filled with so many biases and extreme opinions that in has significant influence over

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    Social media has become even more popular than traditional news sources for receiving information. The concerns over fake news from traditional sources send people running to social media but that

    • Hi Ari! This is an interesting topic. When you said “The concerns over fake news from traditional sources send people running to social media but that doesn’t guarantee it’s better”, I found that to be very interesting and true. Keep up the good writing!

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    Social media has become a new source for political information but it’s very informal and has even fewer rules for information presented than traditional news. This makes it dangerous for media

    • I agree with you that social media is not always reliable, but it is easy to access and pretty prevalent in our everyday lives. I would be curious to know your thought on people of power (president, etc) having social media accounts: positive or negative

    • I have noticed an increase in friends using Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media as their only news sources. It has become commonplace for teens to get news from the apps they already use 24/7 and ditch the newspaper, TV, and even online sources altogether. I also agree that it is very dangerous that social media as a main source of news is becoming more prevalent. While social media gives a quick glance at current events, it in no way, shape, or form covers the news thoroughly or accurately enough.

    • Ari,
      This topic is very interesting to me and I did similar research on one of my youth voices posts. It is a little frightening to believe that people with such a big following can use their social media platforms to manipulate thousands of people. Here’s the post: https://www.youthvoices.live/2019/04/15/how-celebrities-use-social-media-to-manipulate-followers/

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    Media manipulation most commonly if affected by individual unconscious biases that have been supported through social media as well as traditional political socialization. Bias is a serious

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    This source gives examples of how celebrities can partake in political media manipulation tactics through social media.  Social media is most popular in Gen Z, so it maintains significant

    • I wrote about a similar topic. It is interesting to see the way social media influencers are able to manipulate their audience.

  • The idea that perfectionism is a personality trait is really interesting to me. It really shapes people’s individual perceptions and understanding of the world around them. The results of the study you looked at are really interesting as well.

  • I really enjoyed learning about the influence of music. Music is so synonymous with many cultures and it is really interesting to hear about. Music brings people together between cultures and well as within.

  • I’m changing my topic to be mass media political manipulation.

    Ebsco Source: “Do Mass Media Influence the Political Behavior of Citizens.” The Guide to Winning Elections, 26 Nov. 2013, gui

    • Hi Ari! I find this topic fascinating. We are influenced by so many things around us, especially our technology and media. It makes me wonder whether we are ever truly thinking for ourselves, which is kind of a scary thought. I really like the part about how our media consumption forms our values and what we view as right or wrong. It is so true and, if it’s like that now, I can’t help but think what it’s going to be like in the future when our technology advances even more. Will consumption of media be the only thing that makes us, us? Either way, really interesting topic. Keep up the good work!

    • Ari,
      This is a super interesting topic because the political landscape right now is so partisan and toxic on both sides. This really is where the problem starts and persists as people are only open to what they previously believe and choose not to further educate themselves on dividing topics. The prevalence of one sided media sources and short attention grabbing headlines is a problem that needs do be talked about and alleviated in some way.

    • Ari I found this really interesting to read about and I think it’s really cool to look more into. I really agree that a lot of the time the media can impact a lot the way that we can view politics. Whether this can be in a positive or negative way and a lot of the time it does seem to be negative. I think your doing an amazing job and to keep digging more into this topic.

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    Hi Sofia, I like how you point out that men are often uncomfortable admitting fear or weakness. Do you think this is a byproduct of modern society’s encouragement of toxic masculinity and gender-classifying emotions?

  • Do you think that the fact that mental illness is increasing in the homeless population points to a larger issue in the healthcare system with properly addressing mental health and providing adequate care?

  • For my project, I’m looking at popular, modern conspiracy theories. The first is about the assassination of JFK. My first source is NowComment. This source summarized the major conspiracy theories surrounding the

  • This is a recording of Desdemona (1.3.208-218) in Othello. It was an interesting experience recording and re-recording this. I learned that tone has an immense impact on how the meaning of words is interpreted.

  • Sebastian, You have a solid amount of statistics to support your argument that schools don’t have the right to limit online speech. I think the part of your argument that focuses on the first amendment is the most concrete. You could elaborate on how a student’s expression of free speech needs to be substantially disruptive to the school…[Read more]

  • George Orwell’s 1984 is centered around many societal warning, one of the most significant being government violation of the individual’s right to privacy. Constant surveillance of the people through tec

  • Emily, I really enjoyed your response to Breakaway. I haven’t read the book myself but based on your description and analysis, it seems like a great example of the American value of hard work. I agree with your overall thesis statement that America values the most tenacious people who continue especially in the face of hardship and obstacles. The…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed your statement that your “plans for the future are not completely clear yet.” This is incredibly relatable and takes up quite a bit of my own thinking as well. I enjoyed hearing your thought process associated with it. I also admire the options you laid out for your future. Wanting to help people is a very noble goal, and I think…[Read more]

  • Angela, I really enjoyed your article. The way that you compared the Law of Attraction to the Law of Gravity struck me as particularly convincing because it served as a reminder that not everything that is true and present in reality is visible. I agree that the Law of Attraction deserves to be studied in more depth on a more legitimate scientific…[Read more]

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