• This is a recording of Desdemona (1.3.208-218) in Othello. It was an interesting experience recording and re-recording this. I learned that tone has an immense impact on how the meaning of words is interpreted.

  • Sebastian, You have a solid amount of statistics to support your argument that schools don’t have the right to limit online speech. I think the part of your argument that focuses on the first amendment is the most concrete. You could elaborate on how a student’s expression of free speech needs to be substantially disruptive to the school…[Read more]

  • George Orwell’s 1984 is centered around many societal warning, one of the most significant being government violation of the individual’s right to privacy. Constant surveillance of the people through tec

  • Emily, I really enjoyed your response to Breakaway. I haven’t read the book myself but based on your description and analysis, it seems like a great example of the American value of hard work. I agree with your overall thesis statement that America values the most tenacious people who continue especially in the face of hardship and obstacles. The…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed your statement that your “plans for the future are not completely clear yet.” This is incredibly relatable and takes up quite a bit of my own thinking as well. I enjoyed hearing your thought process associated with it. I also admire the options you laid out for your future. Wanting to help people is a very noble goal, and I think…[Read more]

  • Angela, I really enjoyed your article. The way that you compared the Law of Attraction to the Law of Gravity struck me as particularly convincing because it served as a reminder that not everything that is true and present in reality is visible. I agree that the Law of Attraction deserves to be studied in more depth on a more legitimate scientific…[Read more]

  • You make an interesting point about how the US has a unique perspective and situation when it comes to Gun laws. I think this is due to the creation of the second amendment. I also think it is interesting that millennials are in support of gun laws.

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    I like how you pointed out and emphasized that men need a space to talk about and engage with the Me Too Movement. I agree that if the cause is supported solely by women it won’t be as successful as if it was bolstered across genders and generations.

  • I decided to explore three articles referring to college debt. This is a subject I’m not particularly well versed in, but it impacts me and my family as well as people I know. In applying to colleges, I have l

    • Small corrections: First of all the way you worded the different age groups percentages of student debt was very confusing and some elaboration would be nice. Second of all you say you annotated three articles but I only see Forbes and Betrayed by the dream factory. Now that that’s out of the way I can actually tell you how I feel about this. I love it. I agree with you that the student debt crisis is yet another huge problem in today’s society that has been created for the younger millennial and gen-Z generations by the baby-boomer generation. It definitely surprised me that these baby-boomers had any portion of the college debt at all because not only did they graduated from college so long ago, college was also much cheaper back then. To answer your question about whether a college tuition is worth it anymore due to the economic strains it puts on graduates is increasingly becoming no but isn’t there for everyone yet. First of all it has to do with what you are getting a degree in and how much the place you are going costs. For example when I went to an intro to engineering at MSU (Michigan State University) camp this summer they said you could right out of college get a job paying roughly 40,000 to 60,000 a year. Compare that to minimum wage (being generous is about $10 an hour some places) multiplied by 2100 hours worked in a year if you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks you get roughly $21,000 a year. My brother goes to NYU and I know his annual tuition is about 70,000 a year multiplied by 4 years is $280,000. Take that 280000 and divide it by the difference in salaries and it takes roughly 7 – 14 years to work off that tuition assuming you have 0 cost of living. If you factor in cost of living and interest you can tack on another 6 years of work that’s 13 – 20 years of your career paying off college tuition out of a 40 year work career. The question is whether you think 13 – 20 years of a 40 year work career is fair for being able to work any job you want because you went to a prestigious college. Do you?(BTW NYU is one of the most expensive colleges so its usually going to be on the end closer to 13).

    • Hello Ari,
      We really thought your article was pretty interesting, student debt is a leading issue in our generation. You tackled the topic in a succinct way and we appreciated the links you included in your article. We also like how you later commented and corrected your writing to clarify your previous statements and explain more of your reasoning. We think you could expand your essay by connecting the student debt problem to your own life or experiences to make your writing more interesting.

      Alana and Chelsea

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    I really enjoy your take on this issue. I agree that America could exponentially and universally benefit from having free healthcare available to all people. Canada’s system is a great example of the inalienable human right to health being acknowledged and respected. What would the effects be for the economy if free healthcare was provided?

  • I like how you illustrate two different sides of the issue in detail. It’s reflective of how to issue is currently being debated and the common opinions on it.

  • Roe V. Wade is one of the largest contemporary judicial controversies. It has spawned avid opposition and support throughout the American public for more than forty years from both genders, despite only concerning

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