• You make an interesting point about how the US has a unique perspective and situation when it comes to Gun laws. I think this is due to the creation of the second amendment. I also think it is interesting that millennials are in support of gun laws.

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    I like how you pointed out and emphasized that men need a space to talk about and engage with the Me Too Movement. I agree that if the cause is supported solely by women it won’t be as successful as if it was bolstered across genders and generations.

  • In my Now Comment Annotation, I decided to explore three articles referring to college debt. This is a subject I’m not particularly well versed in, but it impacts me and my family as well as people I know. In a

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    I really enjoy your take on this issue. I agree that America could exponentially and universally benefit from having free healthcare available to all people. Canada’s system is a great example of the inalienable human right to health being acknowledged and respected. What would the effects be for the economy if free healthcare was provided?

  • I like how you illustrate two different sides of the issue in detail. It’s reflective of how to issue is currently being debated and the common opinions on it.

  • Roe V. Wade is one of the largest contemporary judicial controversies. It has spawned avid opposition and support throughout the American public for more than forty years from both genders, despite only concerning

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