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Its kinda disappointing that the Menendez's didn't fully see the justice that they wanted to but it is good to know that there was some change for the chicano community.

It must have been infuriterating when the Mexican-Americans solder came back to the war and found out it was still unequal

I agree that, that was the whole concept and they just wanted them out.

I think it was very brave for those girls a speak up and fight for heir rights because if i were in their shoes i would be scared and wouldnt know if i should do it or not.

Once i heard this statement i was very shocked and taken back by it because he is a grown man say that about children that's just goes to show how low he is.

I agree because they were not given the opportunity as the whites to have a good job o to get paid good.

I agree with you because if you really think about it that's really all latinos can do and sometimes couldn't even do that.

When the Mendez's declined the offer for only their children to attend the school that shows how much courage they have and brave they were to go forward with the case.

I was very surprised when i found out the mexican kids were being taught how to work luke adults would do and the whites were being taught what a kid should be learning and that is very sad to know that, that was once America.

I had not thought of it in that way but know that you have mentioned it i bet it did have a bad effect on mexican kids at the time.

Its mind blowing how an administrator would say that to the students but i guess back then that was the norm to think like that but know hearing this makes me think how that message has been proven wrong along the years.

I very much agree with you because even though that's how it really was for mexicans we have proven to them that that's not going to be our reality anymore

Hopefully the owners have learned from their mistakes and can improve on to help with the factories and help the workers

They are finanly doing something about it instead of ignoring these problems

I agree with you because this need to be spread and heard.

i agree with this because its time they own up to this.

Businesses also need to take the blame for this because they are the ones providing it for us and should not be blaming anyone else

People that do this job are very in need of money especially if they have children so that why they make themselves work in these conditions.

This sentence is a great example of what people really think and dont think in consideration of what they are really having to go through.

When trying to compete with other brands for cheaper clothes it takes a toll on both the worker and the factories which also means when something is damaged in the factories the owners brush it off as if its nit there.

Making $37 a month is way lower than the average wage making you think how are they even able to live off of that.

Even though this tragedy had happened people are still going to work at places like this and make it seem like it didn't happen

it was hard for the companies to keep track of everything and be on top of things

I have never thought of us being “terrorist” to these people that work very hard but it is something to think about and very much change that.

I agree with you because people can be so blind and not really think about the type of clothes that they are getting

opinion: people don't realize the how bad their conditions are and think its nit a big deal but in reality people are losing their lives over this.

I completely agree with this because it really all came down to who supported slavery and who didn't.

I personally don't like the cartoon because to me its saying that he was better than these people that he killed and just overall inappropriate.

I wonder if people were puzzled on which side to chose, Lincoln or Polk?

Its good to know that more and more people were speaking out on the US actions and intentions.

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