• In today’s day in age, electric cars are becoming more popular compared to gas cars. There are many different types of electric cars that are popular, especially amongst teens as they are becoming more aware that

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    Dear Mia,
    You’re article was very interesting and unique. I agree that charter school provide something more than an education by looking into the arts and being able ot take college level courses. But I disagree that it’s better than public schools because there are also private schools that provide just as good an education along with a public…[Read more]

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    Hello ALysa,

    I agree with what you have to say regarding income inequality. It has become a big problem in today’s day in age. The poor are suffering too much whilst the rich get richer. The only way to fix it is by taxing the rich in order to make the gap more equal. Here is an article I found that may help you in your…[Read more]

  • Greta Thunberg is a sixteen year old activist fighting for climate change. Recently, a few months ago, CNN released a video of her getting angry due to the fact that world leaders were not doing anything to make

  • Greta Thunberg is a sixteen year old activist fighting for climate change. Recently, a few months ago, CNN released a video of her getting angry due to the fact that world leaders were not doing anything to make

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    Dear Janie,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. It’s so inspiring! I agree that women should not have to be afraid to be themselves to please others, whether it’s by wearing makeup or what they look like to others, but who they are on the inside and not the outside. Here is an article I found fighting for and against…[Read more]

  • Hello Timothy,
    I agree with you that zoos have both negative and positive aspects when looked at and that keeping animals in captivity has become more of a controversial issue nowadays. I wrote an article on this awhile back and found some interesting facts in it:…[Read more]

  • I believe it to be cruel for animals held in captivity in zoos because it limits their freedom to be themselves and live the lives in their wild and natural habitats. According to recent studies, keeping animals

    • Hi Aria! I agree with you that the best scenario is that animals are out in the wild where they belong unfortunately, this is impossible for many species. Many animals do not have homes due to deforestation from humans. With the issue of climate change growing many animals such as polar bears are facing extinction in the wild and the only way they will be alive is through zoos. Zoos do a very good job of educating the public about all animals and the habitats in which they live. Zoos are home to a variety of animals and without zoos smaller reptiles would be completely extinct in their natural habitats. Thanks to zoos smaller, less represented, animals have a home and a second chance at life. If zoos weren’t around many people would not know that these smaller species exist and they would experience a “silent extinction.” I found this article on how zoos are helping animals in a multitude of ways I hope you enjoy it! https://time.com/4364671/zoos-improve-lives-of-animals/

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    Hello Luke,
    I agree with gun control being such a controversial topic and issue that has arisen in modern society. Guns have become an issue relating to school shootings due to the vast number increase. The only way to eliminate guns is to ban them or put stricter laws on what we can to do make it safer for all. Here is an article regarding it…[Read more]

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    Hello Kira,
    Your article was very well written, especially of a current and relevant issue still occurring today. Mental health is a serious thing and if we don’t address it, then who will? It’s a very hard topic to open up about as it’s a struggle that we deal it with in daily life between school, keeping up with our grades, making time to hang…[Read more]

  • Hi Luis,
    I agree to disagree with what your saying about animals because they do help with vaccines, but I firmly believe that animals are suffering and imprisoned against their will. Here is an article I found regarding my argument:

    Animal Testing 101

    Aria Handlon

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    Hi Cassie!
    Your article is very interesting and I didn’t know about the concept of retrieval practice. I agree that schools are giving us too much homework because kids are always worried about getting the work done and not being able to enjoy themselves with their friends and family.…[Read more]

  • In the article regarding animal testing, I learned that animals don’t necessarily need to be tested as there are other ways to get human necessities-without doing so through means of testing. Not only is it d

    • Aria, I agree with your statement and I believe that there should be better ways to provide test results without harming animals. We need to find a better alternative such as testing cells. Here is a link that provides further information: https://animal-testing.procon.org/ .

    • I really like this subject on animal cruelty and there are so many layers that can be talked about. I think your article is amazing but its missing certain layers. here a link( https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org ) that goes into more detail on the subject and also talks about other perspectives on animal cruelty. Which I think would really help you creatively to go deeper with this topic.

    • I really liked how you brought cost into the argument and how you stated that animal testing can cost as much as “a private school tuition.” I completely agree that it is wrong to test on animals. Do you think factual arguments or moral arguments are more effective in creating change? Here is an article that states the laws in place about animal testing https://aldf.org/article/federal-laws-and-agencies-involved-with-animal-testing/ this might be a good place to start to see where there needs to be change. I would love to know more about what laws are being created to protect animals from harmful testing.

    • I really love that you’re talking about such an important topic and I can tell you really took the time to research and care about the issue. Most animal experimentation is extremely unethical and not relevant to humans, more people should fight and advocate for animals rights.

    • I thought it was interesting how you wrote about a subject that really isn’t talked about. There are definitely other ways to conduct experiments without abusing animals. We have new and advanced technologies such as simulations that can conduct experiments more efficiently and will cause less harm. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19453215/ . This is a short article that speaks about replacing animals and using simulations instead.

    • Aria, this is such an important topic in this day and age. It is also a very topic to talk about, only because there are two very different and defiant sides to the topic. It’s hard to find a source that is unbiased. If you’re having trouble doing so, I would just suggest using two different sources on both ends of the spectrum. For example, this article https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/why-we-do-it/alternatives-animal-testing could help! This post reminds me of all the advertisements for cruelty-free testing since it’s very informative. Do you think there’s something citizens who are interested and eager on this subject can do to help? I’d love to learn about citizen-driven movements against animal cruelty!

    • Hi Aria, I really like your theme. Animal experiments are certainly inevitable at the current stage of scientific development and need to be used in large quantities, but as technology develops, it must be banned, which is also inevitable. If we stop the animal experiment, who will stop the real killer? Such as smallpox, rubella. This link may be can help you a bit (https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/timeline-cosmetics-testing-animals), thanks!

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