• This is a comic about my niece and I talk about my love for her.

    • Dear Arely,
      I enjoyed looking at your comic because I can relate to when I met nephew for the first time. I like how you involved color, to show the happiness you felt. You did a great job! I hope to see more of your work in the future.

    • Dear Arely,
      Thanks for your beautiful comic, I look forward to seeing your next post. I really liked how you you put your feelings in your comic, I can tell how much you love destiny.!

    • Dear Arely,
      Beautiful comic ! I enjoyed reading your comic. I was able to picture the love you have for your niece. I could relate to this feeling. Your last panel is what really stood out to me because it proved how much you love your niece. Good job !

    • Dear Arely,
      I like how you showed us the emotions/feelings you had before and after your niece was born. It helped me a lot in being able to identify how you were feeling about a new baby who is now part of your life. This was a beautiful comic, thank you.

  • Luis,
    I really like your memoir it really shows how who you really are and how you got to this point. The part that really stool out to me is “ I won’t say i’m the best camera person in the car scene but I feel like i’m up there.” This stood out to me because you know your not the best yet but your confident about yourself that you are. I hope to…[Read more]

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    Dear Kris,
    I am amazed about ur comic, choices because it really shows how you started to play soccer. It explains how it changed you on being a bad ass to an athlete.One part of your comic that stands out for me is where you have your graphic weight on your third panel. I think this explains a lot because it shows how nerves you where to hear…[Read more]

  • Being the only girl with brothers


    In my family, I have 3 brothers, and older and two younger.


    As the only girl growing up among three brothers, is not easy

    I was always afraid to be left out.

    I d

    • Dear Arely,
      This was well thought of and written. You expressed yourself with many examples and I’m hella juiced you have continued to write. As I was reading, It felt real because I too am the only girl sibling in my household. Thank you for speaking up on an emotion that many girl siblings feel. Super juiced to see what you have next to post!

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    Yo soy Arely,

    En una sociedad que necesita cambiar

    I am Arely,

    In a society that needs a change

    I live in a immigrant’s household

    I am the only girl out of three boys

    I am a

    • Arely – These lines really stand out to me — “This is why I am proud to be an Oakland Chicana // It took me time to be a proud, // It took me time to love my people, // It took my time to care about myself”. I’m glad you’ve made the journey toward self-care and pride. That’s remarkable! You certainly are a revolutionist! I hope you continue to do more for yourself and the community. You are a strong, powerful young woman.

    • Arely – This line really outstands me – “Living in Oakland has never made me forget about my culture.
      There is a lot of religious places where my culture gets together. The church. The sweat. The mosque. The temple. Having a diverse community helps keep my culture alive and learn different cultures.” This relates to me because I also live in Oakland attend Unity High School and living in oakland doesn’t make a change for me and my religion. I really liked your poem keep writing revolutionist!

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    Great topic, This issue really important for oakland schools.

  • Dear nina,
    I really like your poem because it talks on how you put your senses together to see the world around you. Being observant is really important to keep yourself where you have to be and you explain many ways on how you observe everything which is great! Thank you for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

  • Why am I isolated as hell


    Being alone;

    It’s depressing but fun

    I am a different person

    I am an overthinker  

    I think about crazy stuff

    I feel suicidal

    When I am alone

    I don’t feel

    • Beautiful poem about a challenging topic. While you resolve the poem by saying you love being alone, I hope that you know that you also have a lot of people who would support you through these big feelings. You’re STRONG! Thank you for sharing such powerful, vulnerable work.

    • Hey Arely,
      this is such a strong poem you have here. It shows how you can make any situation into a good one and that nothing can bring you down. I know we don’t spend that much time together but from my perspective, you don’t look lonely. You seen energized and alive with many other people. But the eyes show only what you want to see. I hope you know that there are people there for you. Trust is hard to find, but once it is there never let it go!

    • Hey arely,

      Thank you for writing about something that probably wasn’t easy to write about. Thanks for expressing yourself and being real about it. Shows how much courage you have because it is hard to people to talk about stuff like this but you did it. Hope too see more of your work soon, really enjoyed reading this poem. Also explains what type of person you are.

    • Homegirl Arely, Thank you for sharing about a topic that is hard to talk about. This shows how strong you are, and how brave you are as well. I’m hella proud of you and I love you!

  • Rosario,
    I am proud of your name memoir .
    You have a great introduction that explains what you are talking about. It really catches the readers attention to keep reading. One sentence you wrote thats stand out to me is, “I am an incarnation Or at least I think my name is.” I think this is powerful to your story because it relates to your whole…[Read more]

  • My Name

    My Government name that my parents gave me is Arely Ursino A. , the only one besides my dad with an “S” on our last name. I got my name “Arely” of a novela that came out the year I was born, which m

    • Arely,
      I am amazed by your memoir, “Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018,” because you seem to have a big significance to your nickname. You connect to your nickname a lot than just being a simple social media name. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is: “These representation of a mermaid also represents me in a way because I am a loving person but also so private about my emotions.” This stood out to me because you evaluated the significance of a “mermaid” and connected back to how you are. A sentence I agreed with was, “Having Arely as my name is a very loving relationship due to the fact that is unique but also negative because people not know how to pronounce or spell it which gets annoying.” I was able to relate to this because some people that can roll their tongues can’t say the R’s in my name. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

    • Dear Arely

      I really like your post “Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018,” because it’s interesting how your name came and what it means to you. Something that stood out to me was when you said “ Having Arely as my name is a very loving relationship due to the fact that is unique but also negative because people not know how to pronounce or spell it which gets annoying”. This stood out to me because I can connect to you because that happens to me with my name being Paola because they don’t know how to say it and it gets me annoyed but also is unique. Another sentence that amazed me was when you said “ I decided to put that name to represent me because ever since I was a little girl I loved Mermaids. I used to love watching the novela “Ami la niña de la mochila azul” because a singer name Tatiana came out as a mermaid.”This sentence amazed me because is so unique how you get your name from a novela and how you get to connect with mermaids and how then connect it with your name. .I love your post and encourage you to post more because I would love to see what else you have to write and is so cool how you connect with mermaids and then with social media.

      Sincerely,Paola H

    • Dear Arely,
      I really enjoyed reading your name memoir. Something that I really enjoyed hearing was that outside factors help to determine your name, and it also shows how much meaning and history your name has behind it. For example, in your post, you say “ I got my name “Arely” of a novela that came out the year I was born, which my dad’s aunty used to watch” This is significant because it shows the history behind your name, and why it was chosen. Now, I don’t think this is the only reason you got your name, but, as stated, it was a main reason. ANother thing I really enjoyed about your post was, “Some people know me by Mermaid Leli which is my social media name. I decided to put that name to represent me because ever since I was a little girl I loved Mermaids”. This shows me that something that you loved since you were little still plays a big role in your current life. I can connect to this because, since I was little, I really liked cars, and anything on wheels. To this day, I still love cars, but in a more educated way. That has been a big part of my life, and it has grown to the point that it’s not just about cars anymore. More car related aspects have also become another thing I like, such as racing. But, back to the topic, mermaids can really have an affect on your life, whether positive or negative, I am not sure. I really liked this post, and I hope to read another one of your pieces.

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    Dear Fernando,
    I agree with your topic because Oakland schools are really going through it with not a lot funding. One sentence you wrote that stand out to me is, ” This matters because the actions of one person caused an entire community to fall short of what they need.” I think this is very strong because teachers in this school give so many…[Read more]

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