• Dear Oakland Adults

    I am choosing to write to you because  you are the role model for young people in the Oakland community. Also, I want to make sure you all know about Global Warming to  be in touch with t

  • Thank you so much for reading my blog.I wanted to address what you said when I’m only talking the bad things of oakland I think I would’t notice this if you did’t post this comment thank you again for opening my eyes.

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        Dear Jose
        I think your post was very interesting because you were talking about the immigrants and why they were in the u.s.A line that stood out to me was “First, Not all Immigrants but many have the choice to come to the united states to get rid of the violence and for a better life and so they can help their family” is because this is true and…[Read more]

      • Dear Angel,

        I feel good about your post because you are talking about the homeless that they should not be in the streets but not even in jails. One sentence that stood out to me was ” Putting homeless people in jail is immensely irresponsible of Oakland because if they are put into jails away from society they could experience isolation” This…[Read more]

      • Dear Jennifer

        I am interested about your post, of “Immigrants; Migrating for the better”, because of how a lot of people are coming in the use because they only want to have future for them and their family. Even they need to sacrifice from were they came from so they can become independent for them self in the US. One sentence that you wrote…[Read more]

      • “The Bay Area News Group reports that Oakland CA saw a 47 percent increase in homelessness since this time in 2017. According to a count conducted in January, there are 4,071 unhoused people in O

        • Dear, Areli I disagree with your topic because Oakland has spent millions on the homeless community is that the community isn’t using it correctly. You clearly explain the problems and solutions like when you talk about rent, you also talk about who is causing the rent to go up, but you don’t explain why Oakland isn’t helping the homeless. What I want from you is instead of talking all about the bad in Oakland, you should talk about some of the good. That is why I disagree with your opinion because your only showing the bad of Oakland. This makes me more engaged into your article by letting me support you in a disagreeing way. For example, when you say, “Homeless people because they don’t have jobs that pay the right amount of money they need to pay for the rent”(Areli). It let’s me know that it’s Oaklands fault for having homeless people on the streets but you don’t explain the income of these homeless and the rent cost. So how is the reader gonna understand the amount of money compared to rent and prices. This connects to my topic which is also about homelessness because just like me I also talked about rent prices. In one of my interviews my person explained how Oakland isn’t giving anything back to the community and how they should use tax money from the community for shelter towards the homeless. Not only is this useful towards your article but, it will make it stronger for future readers by showing ways of how Oakland could help. Also, almost forgot you should talk about the amount of money given towards the homeless community to show why it isn’t enough. Some resources for you if your still looking for free shelter, just go to, “https://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/city.cgi?city=Oakland State=CA”. Who are a professional Oakland program helping homeless people out of the streets into FREE shelter. I recommend them to you because they are open 24 hours a day meaning you can redirect homeless people towards the program so they wouldn’t have to suffer outside in the cold. These homeless people can stay for as much as a month if they wished which shows they don’t only want them off the streets but, into a loving community foreshadowed by the Oakland government. Another source that will help people agree with you is the amount of money spent on the homeless,
          “https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/10/15/oaklands-9-million-homelessness-solution-new-preventive-program-launches/”. This article explains the amount of money Oakland spends on the homeless making it helpful for explaining rent prices. This can be a solution for your first quote being, “The Bay Area News Group reports that Oakland CA saw a 47 percent increase in homelessness since this time in 2017″(Kukura). By giving resources towards the community we could stop the rates from going up. Even though I disagreed with your work, with my feedback and ideas you could make your article even stronger. Overall I’m really supportive of your ideas and will hope to see you write again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your masterpiece which was filled with strong and wonderful ideas. I felt very optimistic reading your article because it showed me that there was still hope for this community. One way you could bring people like me towards your writing would be more effort on your grammar, not saying your article was bad, it was just a bit disappointing that you had such strong reasoning but not correctly spelled words. Another change that will bring people back is comparing Oakland to other cities like San Jose which has a well controlled system. So just remember I want to see more effort and comparing. Next time I see you I would hope to see even stronger writing along with more corrections.
          Sincerely, Angel

          • Thank you so much for reading my blog.I wanted to address what you said when I’m only talking the bad things of oakland I think I would’t notice this if you did’t post this comment thank you again for opening my eyes.

          • Dear ashley I like how you decorated the shadow box by using things that represent you and by how you say your identity that is being guatemalan and proud.

          •         The objects of my shadow box represent who the true me is. My chosen identity and my counter narratives define myself from the dominant narrative that some people have. My assigned identity doesn’t

            • I’m a student at San Jose State University
              I found interesting how you started off talking about how your identity doesn’t let you be the person you are to explaining on what you want to be when you pass away to the ongoing conflict that is said about immigration. I really enjoyed how you transitioned.

            • Hey Areli! I am a student at San Jose State University! What caught my eye first in your shadow box was how you displayed the jewelry you’ve made. I connected to your assigned identity. I truly understand how you feel that our assigned identity doesn’t let us do certain things as Men because we are Woman. I also really enjoyed that you displayed your art tools within the box. It showed me that you are a true artist not only because you displayed the art tools but because you also included your artwork.

            • Dear Areli,
              I love how you were able to open up and talk about a topic so dear and personal to you. I found the part where you talked about feeling blue and wanting to be free extremely relatable. This Shadow Box really allowed us to peer into your life and learn about you. Thank you!

              Christopher Tan

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