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    Hey Gwyneth, this is an interesting take on the heroes of 9/11. I don’t think many would relate them to King Arthur but I think that was a creative choice. I do think it would be cool to see more personal traits that the firefighters had in common with king Arthur in particular but overall I like this a lot.

  • Hey Anna, this is a cool story. I’ll admit I’m a little confused as to whether or not the author won’t cut her friends hair because her friend is vaccinated or if she won’t cut her hair because she is not. But I like the conclusion in that a lot of people talk about feeling isolated from other but you argue that the pandemic has made us more…Read More

  • Dear Alex,

    I appreciate your examination of the study however I frequently watched SpongeBob as a kid and find myself usually scoring within the 50-60 percentile of standardized tests meaning that I am smarter than most. I am also capable of watching Rick and Morty with 100% attentiveness. While I appreciate the attempt this post really missed…Read More

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    As someone who has hosted migrants in an Airbnb, I think its extremely important to host refugees in a safe environment. With everything going on in Afghanistan we need to keep our minds and resources open to those in need.

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    I think its interesting that people usually don’t put vets and doctors on the same pedigree. This article brings to light a lot of insight into the various responsibilities of veterinarians. Thank you Ernesto.

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