• An american is defined by their struggles. Everyone you have ever met has experienced some form of struggle in their life and how they choose to respond fundamentally changes a person, for the better or the worse.

  • I like your picture but your post lacked citations or any author credibility. It is hard to believe what your source is saying without understanding the context in which he is writing. Maybe next you could pull in more sources and add credibility as well as input your own opinions or ideas.

  • Cool post Eric, I like how you brought up statistics on immigration but I wish that you would have elaborated on the negatives of immigration. It would have been much better if you had talked about drug and crime rates before and after immigration as well as how the jobs of non-immigrants are affected. Overall good post.


    Individualism is a defining american trait. From immigrants to country folk, individualism is what makes americans so different from the rest of humanity but is also what brings us together. Famous american

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      I enjoy how you put multiple sources and poems into your poem and summarizing them while relating them to individuality. I really enjoy the point you made, but I do believe you can continue to build off your point and extend your paragraph as well.

    • Andre replied 1 month ago

      As soon as I saw that you wrote this, I clicked on it because you always state some big facts. And this, this is an example of that. Best part about it was that I liked how your post was short but it contained heavy information.

    • Hey Chandan, I agree with your points in this post. Individualism is a core american value. All your points were strong and you cited sources to back up your claims. Good job

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  • I really like your perspective on anxiety but it would be cool if you had expanded on your traumatic experience. I feel like elaborating this would make your post even better.

  • I like how you are questioning the existence of humanity but you provide little to no evidence to back up your claim. I would like to see you bring up different perspectives such as a religious view or even a scientific view.

  • Unsaturated fats are easier for the body to break down.

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