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  • Dear Kerlyi:

    I am impressed by your post, “The Biggest Change of My Life,” because it is impressive how calm you sound to be moving to a different country. I think it’s impressive that you are going to slowly adapt to a new atmosphere.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I understand but this is a opportunity for a better future…Read More

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    Fast Fashion

    In the article, “The Price of Fast Fashion” (Upfront) Chelsey Christina felt pressured to look stylish and never wanted to post herself wearing the same outfit.  The daily barrage has many teens continually hunting for deals on the trendy...

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    • Hello Araceli

      I appreciate the insight you give in your post, “Fast Fashion,” because it is true that people in different countries are suffering due to poor labor in these sweatshops. Since the pandemic, I have seen a rise in interest in shopping “hauls” and how several online shopping businesses are feeding these trends to us.

      When you mentioned, “Of course, this is only allowed in certain places of the world but buying from these companies is like showing support, and ignoring the fact that literal children are making these clothes,” I couldn’t agree more. Although it sounds horrible, it is true that we as consumers hold responsibility for not making these fashion companies accountable for how they are treating people.

      Thank you for this interesting post. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I can tell you are willing to discuss difficult topics, even if it may not seem that way. Continue to ask questions!

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    “Where Are the People?” Article

    In the article, “Where Are the People?” (upfront) I learned that hospitals in some parts of Italy are shutting down their maternity wards.  This horrible situation has been caused by the fact that the global trend toward more deaths...

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    Helping the community

    In the article, “Feeding the Community” (upfront) I learned that a school in Sanger, Texas has found a way to fight food insecurity. This is very helpful because not very many people are able to afford food in these...

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  • Dear Brecklyn,
    I am impressed by your post, ¨Good in the world¨ because it is impressive how these elementary teachers came up with this brilliant idea to make these kids feel good about themselves. I think it´s impressive how the teachers care about making their young students feel safe with them and being at school.

    One sentence you wrote th…Read More





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