• In an EBSCO database study titled “The Factors Influencing University Student Academic Success” by Daniel Hepworth, Ben Tittlepage, and Katy Hancock, they researched if there was any association bet

    • Wow I found this article to be very interesting especially when you mention that the more prepared someone was for a class lead to them having a higher graded leading them to be more success. It was also very interesting that this success also lead them to other successes beyond just in their school work. I would think that added some statistics to this research would further help your argument on how this can be determined. Otherwise good piece of writing.

  • In a publication on entrepreneur.com by Amishi Mehta, an entrepreneur and Business Advisor, she describes more similarities between self made successful people. She described the most important trait of success

  • This summary reminded me a lot of the book The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It’s a drama romance mix also about time travel.

  • This is a pretty interesting topic. I like the debate on the difference between the act of a “witch” and a miracle. I think the comparison of the definition of a witch throughout history would be a very interesting and creative topic.

  • This gale database article explores the relationship between proactive behavior and career success. Using salary statistics, field studies and surveys, the researchers proves a positive association between a

  • Success is a goal sought after by most if not all people in modern society. But, it is a goal, safely to say, that is not so easily reached. Could there be common traits or reasons why people become

  • Almost anyone who’s owned an iPhone has summoned Siri accidentally. Although it seems innocent, your phone had to listen to your every word to pick out “Hey Siri.” If your phone or “personal assistant” is listen

  • Angela, I agree so much with what you’re saying. Positivity is a mindset. Although not scientific, it can still effect our lives day to day. We can take a load off of ourselves by not letting things out of our reach weigh us down. Being open minded literally opens us up so much more than embracing negativity and barriers.

  • Your story was amazing Nicolette. I respect what you went through, and the sentiments you learned and are telling us right now are very important. We are all worthy of our own, and each other’s respect no matter who we are or what we’ve been through.

  • There are many problems that arise from the topic of lowering the drinking age. Since 1984, the drinking age of the United States was 18. Lowering the drinking age back down to 18 would pose some problems, but

    • Hi Anthony, I enjoyed reading your post. I thought that you made many good points, and did a wonderful job looking at both sides of this argument. I personally see both sides as well. There could be many positive as well as negatives that could come out of this change in law.

    • Anthony, I think you brought acrosss very good points in your essay. Drinking for many kids is a “forbidden fruit” which makes some want to drink even more just for the feeling of rebellion. If the drinking age were to be lowered or if more parents exposed their children to alcohol then maybe their children wouldn’t feel the need to binge drink in spite of rebellion.

    • Anthony, I believe you strongly explained both the negatives and the positives of lowering the drinking age. I am torn between because both sides have very strong points to them. I think parents helping teach their kids about alcohol could help whether or not the law is changed.

  • I like this post Sofia, I think we all have times when we need to choose between one thing or another. Its important that we slow down and think about each option before choosing one.

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    I like your description of your strong connection with your family and God, Jadyn. I feel like some people seem to disconnect with there parents and God in high school and college, so its great that you’re very close to them.

  • I agree with your description of America’s freedom. We as a culture are very rich with differing viewpoints, which allows us to get input from every side of the political spectrum. This is what makes us really free.

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    I agree with you Jenniffer, I believe uniqueness is important for each person to have. Our differences are what make each of us ourselves. Its important that we don’t try to fill anyone else’s shoes and live the way we want.

  • Interesting story Natalie, I am seventeen as well and that’s amazing that you can support a child at this age, what are you striving to do in your business?

  • I think this post is very interesting. You describe anxiety so well, I feel like it helps people connect with what your saying. “You know that feeling you get standing on stage about to read your speech in front of 100 people? The sweaty hands you get. That is anxiety!” This helped me connect to the anxiety you were talking about throughout the…[Read more]

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